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Starring: Uday Kiran, Meera Jasmine, Karthiga
Direction: Bali Srirangam
Music: Ilayaraja
Production: J Nandini Arts
It is very rarely that a film becomes important because of the stature of its scriptwriter. Mostly, it is the stars or at best, the director who decides how big a film gets, but Pen Singam is different because it has been penned by none other than the current Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi.

The stature of the writer is big enough to overshadow the film itself and it is easy to delve into a mini-biography of the CM and his literary achievements, but let us be focused on the objective at hand, that is to take a sneak peek at what is on offer in Pen Singam.

As the title suggests, the movie will give a lion’s share of importance to its female characters. Female characters getting roles of significance is rare these days in Tamil cinema and it is perhaps fitting that one of the senior most script writers in the history of the industry tries to revive this often ignored possibility. Meera Jasmine plays an ordinary young
  Pen Singam
woman with an extraordinary ambition, to become an IPS officer. Uday Kiran and Meera Jasmine are in love. Uday Kiran is fully supportive of Meera’s ambition and her dream does come true. The fulfillment of her dream could not have come at a better time because the very person who encouraged her all the way is now in trouble with the law. That is where Richard (Uday Kiran’s friend) and his family come into the picture. There is a murder and the blame falls squarely upon Uday Kiran for unknown reasons. Is he innocent? If so, how can it be proved? Helping Meera Jasmine uncover the truth is Rohini, who plays Uday Kiran’s mother, a judge who gives up her position to be her son’s lawyer.

At the outset, it does look like a normal commercial with romance, suspense, thrills and action. But, what sets Pen Singam apart is very evident from its title; the importance given to the female characters. With performers of proven caliber like National Award Winner Meera Jasmine and Rohini in the cast, one can expect some really intense scenes. And, there are also portions in the film’s trailer which suggest that perhaps the leading lady can be involved in a bit of action too; the promos have shown Meera Jasmine in a ‘Jhansi Rani- like’ get up, wielding the sword and giving fierce expressions. We’ll wait and see.

One of the most prominent aspects of any Kalaignar script will be the dialogues. Famed for his absolute wizardry with words of the Tamil language, we can sure expect some expertly crafted lines in the film. We can also watch out for political statements! The songs too will be keenly listened to because Kalaignar has penned one of them. The others have been penned by Vaali, Vairamuthu, Pa. Vijay. The highlight however will a poem of the late poet Bharathidasan that has been revived for the film. Music has been scored by Deva. And, for those who think that this is a small time film with small means, please be corrected. Pen Singam has been quite lavishly shot, with songs being filmed in exotic locales abroad, promising a visual treat.

Releasing on June 3 on CM’s birthday, Pen Singam proves one thing beyond doubt; age is just a number. At an age when most people would have given up even reading because of failing eyesight, here is a person who can script a film while also ruling a state. That is something amazing.

Last weekend it was Singam, this weekend it will be Pen Singam. With the latter roar like the former did? We’ll know soon.
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