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Tamil Cinema, Sivaji the Boss, Rajnikanth & Shriya – A fan’s Perspective!
By Shoaib Mohamed, Incredibleshoaib33@yahoo.co.uk
United Kingdom.
August 04, 2007
I wish to start by thanking the editors of Behnidwoods.com for kindly publishing this piece written by me, on their website. I also wish to categorically state that the viewpoints expressed herein are entirely mine and in no way represents the viewpoints or thinking of behindwoods.com
Given the way 2007 has unfolded so far for Kollywood, it is safe to say that the Tamil Cinema industry is probably enjoying it’s best year if not the best ever year in it’s pre-eminent existence of 75 years! The year began with the youthful exuberance of Ilayathalapathi Vijay’s mega hit Pokkiri and has completed its first half with the release of the mother of all blockbusters, Sivaji the Boss, which features the impregnable Superstar of Indian Cinema, Rajnikanth! The first half of 2007 also witnessed the arrival of excellent movies like Mozhi as well! The good news for movie buffs in the South is that Kollywood has a lot more coming in the second half of 2007 and among them, Dasavatharam, the masterpiece of arguably India’s most versatile actor, Kamal Hassan, is without a doubt the most anticipated release.

Despite it’s unquestionable quality, talent and success, Tamil films and the Tamil film industry has seldom made an impact outside of South India let alone globally. However, one hopes in all earnestness that the arrival of the BOSS with his magnum opus Sivaji the BOSS has changed all of that for good! The Tamil Cinema industry is hugely indebted to Superstar Rajniknath for single-handedly putting the Tamil Film industry not just on the map of all India but also internationally through the unprecedented global success of his latest film Sivaji! The economics of Sivaji the BOSS is mind-boggling and can only be emulated and / or beaten by another Rajni film! It was certainly a phenomenal achievement that Sivaji the BOSS not only made it to the UK top ten movies in it’s opening weekend but it also beat Hollywood blockbusters like Fantastic four, Spider Man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean and Oceans 13, in terms of per screen collections. Despite not having any sub-titles the movie has been running to packed houses even in non-Tamil speaking locations in the North of India!
All of the above and much more surrounding the record breaking success of Sivaji the BOSS has made people stand up and take notice of the Tamil Film industry and this has been due to one person and one person only and that person happens to be the one and the only Superstar of Indian Cinema, Rajnikanth.

A lot has also been talked about recently regarding the over commercialisation of Tamil films and also about certain actors sticking to their image or playing it safe by continuing to do what they do best. Frankly I cannot understand what the fuss is as I don’t see anything wrong with it! Actors who are versatile like Vikram for example will most certainly experiment with their roles and try different things in their respective films. Others who have a mass fan following will always try and give what their fans want and will experiment with caution!
The Beatles stuck to Rock and Roll because that was what they were good at and that was the image that they had built for themselves around the World. Similarly Michael Jackson the original 'King of Pop' stuck to pop music because that is where he excelled and that was the image that he had built for himself amongst his millions of fans!

In Sport, Sachin Tendulkar can never be a brutal batsman who square cuts every other ball he faces over the point boundary for six like for example, Sanath Jayasuriya or Adam Gilchrist! Similarly, Jayasuriya and Gilly will never be able to play with the class that Tendulkar does when he is on song! Tendulkar will do well only if he sticks to his strengths and plays accordingly while Jayasuriya and Gilly would do the same without trying to emulate Tendulkar. “Be yourself” “Play your natural game” Be bold and do your thing” are clichés that we often hear in various stages of our life and the same applies to the film world as well!

The simple point I am trying to make with the above examples is that an intelligent and successful entertainer, be it an actor, singer or for that matter a sportsman is one that quickly identifies his or her strengths and uses them to the max. Therefore I have no problem with actors with a massive image sticking to what they do best and only experimenting ever so cautiously every now and then and giving their fans what they want! The great thing for us Tamil film fans is that for those of us who may prefer films of an artistic mode, we can choose to watch those films while for those of us who prefer the commercial entertainer with a message, we can gladly stick to such movies. Instead of sitting on our respective armchairs and criticizing films and the very hard working actors and actresses that we may not necessarily appreciate, we could perhaps take the sensible option and watch only the kind of films that appeal to us personally! What irritates me the most is that those individuals who are quick to criticize movies, actors and actresses are the very one’s who have no clue about what it’s like to stand in front of a camera or the hard work that goes into the making of a movie that we fans ultimately enjoy with much pleasure. It’s time for us fans to also show some appreciation for the highly talented people of the Tamil film fraternity and the efforts that they put in to entertain us!
Sivaji the Boss or more appropriately Superstar Rajnikanth has taken the Tamil film industry to a different level and never before seen heights. Therefore it would be nice to see the members of the Tamil Film fraternity and it’s fans, regardless of whether or not they are Rajni fans, shedding their petty differences and illogical partisan attitudes towards Kamal Hassan or any other Tamil Star and instead showing their magnanimous appreciation to the Icon of Indian Cinema, Superstar Rajnikanth, for the unprecedented recognition, respect and adulation that he has single-handedly brought to the Tamil Film industry with his Super duper hit, Sivaji the BOSS!

There are many youngsters in the Tamil Film industry who have followed and admired Rajnikanth through the years and are aspiring to become the next Superstar of the industry. For those young men like Vijay, Ajith, and so on I have some good news and also some bad news. The good news is that they were very lucky to have had an Icon like Rajni to follow during their formative years in Kollywood. But the bad news is that never in a million years will a Vijay, Ajith or anyone else even come close to the superstardom achieved by Rajni.
His style, electrifying screen presence, charisma and that uncanny ability to takeover his audiences every single time he appears on screen, has never been seen before, is unmatched today and will be unmatched and never be seen again from anyone else in the future either! Legends like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Don Bradman and Rajnikanth are Superstars who will not and cannot be replaced ever! Many will come along and claim to be the next Ali, the next Jordan, the next Bradman and the next Rajnikanth. Sadly however, they will be nothing more than a cheap imitation of the real Superstar!

Any amount of writing or showering or praise will never do adequate justice in my bid to articulate the Rajnikanth phenomenon and his impeccable impact on the Tamil film industry. Hence, I am now going to divert my attention to the woman behind the unprecedented success of Sivaji the BOSS, Shriya Saran!

I have been watching Rajni films for a long, long time and I can say that for the first time in all these years there were many moments while watching Sivaji the Boss that I was well and truly oblivious to the presence of Rajni, and the only reason for this was that I was totally mesmerized by the Class and breath taking beauty of Shriya! Not even the famous beach scene of Hollywood beauty Halle Berry coming out of the water in the Bond movie Die another day froze me as much as Shriya did with her unquestionable class and stunning good looks!

What was also heartening is that despite Sivaji being only her fourth Tamil film, she played her pivotal role in the movie tremendously well and was perfect for the role and a more than perfect match for the Superstar. I personally hope that Rajni acts with Shriya again in his next movie as well. Deservedly after her highly impressive performance in Sivaji the BOSS, Shriya has been booked to star opposite all the leading men in the Tamil Film industry in the coming months and I wish her well!

In conclusion it is my sincere hope that the movies slated for release in the second half of 2007 like Dasavatharam, Azhagiya Tamil Magan, Billa and Bheema will give Kollywood a glittering and fitting end to what has been a phenomenally successful year so far!

Shoaib Mohamed
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