September 15, 2011

Velayudham is gearing up for a big release and Vijay fans can barely wait. We have decided to serve up some appetizers in the meantime and have unearthed five little known facts about Vijay. Dig in and enjoy!

1. People are very impressed when they meet Vijay and are bowled over by his simplicity and humility. The actor attributes his grounded personality to his circle of intimate friends who tease him mercilessly and are his harshest critics.

2. Vijay’s friends try to keep him away from their wives because after seeing him they pull up their husbands for not being as trim and fit as him. Vijay does not follow any fad diets but eats right and on time and he exercises regularly at home itself. In addition to this, despite being a big star he is handy in the kitchen and makes perfect tawa dosas for his parents, wife, children, and friends.

3. When asked about his favorite costar Vijay smiles politely and says that he likes working with all of them. But his wife, Sangeetha revealed that Simran used to be Vijay’s favorite costar because both are passionate about dance. A spirit of friendly competition used to prevail as both used to try and outdo the other person’s dazzling dancing ability.

4. Vijay has something in common with good friend Ajith and that is a love for bikes and cars. He does not use a chauffeur but usually drives himself around. And as for bikes there is nothing he loves more than zipping all over Chennai on his bike by himself. And if fans are wondering why they have never spotted him it is because he is safety conscious and always wears a helmet.

5. Dharani’s Dhool and Shankar’s Mudhalvan were offered to Vijay but because of prior commitments, he had to pass up the opportunity. But he was bitterly disappointed for having missed out and vowed to do movies with both the directors. With Dharani, he did Gilli which went on to become one of the biggest hits in his career. And as everyone knows, after nearly missing out again he got Nanban with Shankar.

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