June 23, 2011

Vijay and Ajith started their careers at around the same time and went on to achieve superstardom. They are both lucky to have a passionate fan following that literally worships the ground they walk on. Their fans swear by their favorite hero and when it comes to discussing which actor is superior they have been known to come to blows over the issue in a manner that is reminiscent of the fights between the Saivites and Vaishnavites in an earlier age.

The stars in question themselves are former rivals turned friends. And with Ajith’s Mankatha and Vijay’s Velayudham due to release in August, it looks like the titans will clash again. They themselves share a warm relationship now and have a friendly rivalry going on. But their fans are another matter, and will be passionately awaiting the release of their favorite star’s film and will go all out to settle the question of supremacy. In honor of the momentous clash to be, let us look at films of Ajith and Vijay which released simultaneously.

Villain and Bhagavathi

Villain and Bhagavathi were released in November, 2002. Both set the cash registers ringing and gave the careers of Ajith and Vijay a big boost.

Thirumalai and Anjaneya

These films were released at the height of the rivalry between Vijay and Ajith in October, 2003. Strong feelings ran high in both their fan clubs and the arguments and clashes between the warring factions became a cause for concern. The stars had to ask their fans to desist from the fighting.

Aadhi and Paramasivam

Aadhi was Vijay’s home production and Paramasivam was P. Vasu release after blockbuster, Chandramukhi. These films were released in January, 2006. Prakash Raj and Seetha were common to both films and both had the protagonists in similar situations like dealing with the loss of their family and their fight to avenge them while simultaneously ridding society of evil.

Alwar and Pokkiri

These films were Pongal releases in 2007. The fans were still keeping the fires of the rivalry burning.

Mankatha and Velayudham

The next installment of the epic clash between these superstars will be seen this August. Ajith and Vijay have wished each other the best and have nothing but good words for each other. It is one of the sweetest friendships in the industry!

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