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Thank god it’s Friday
       - Mish mash of brains and brawn this weekend
By Harish V
January 04, 2008
Welcome back to your weekly analysis of the weekend movies, and the first weekend in 2008. The first weekend of a year is called the jinxed weekend, as for Tamil films if a movie get a release in this day it can merely have a few days run as the Pongal releases will shadow its prospects and in Hindi for the past decade or
The 11th Hour

so, none of the releases have made an impact at the box-office, which was the reason the industry calling the weekend as a jinxed weekend.

Three English movies have dared to release their movie this jinxed weekend and let’s analyze those movies now.

Rogue Assassin

The Asian martial arts master Jet li and the American Martial arts expert Jason Statham join hands to give this action packed thriller. The official US title for the movie was “War” but when a movie doesn’t become a hit in the US some try to change the title when releasing in other parts of the world for that few extra bucks and that’s exactly what Rogue Assassin has also done. The movie which promised to be an action epic just passed off as an average action flick with a few amazingly executed stunts. The climax which had Jason and jet Li fighting was awaited with bated breath as the action lovers wanted the two martial arts expert battle it out but unfortunately the fight hardly lasted 5 minutes. A movie which can get a better reception in the small centers especially in its Tamil dubbed version, for the people eying the multiplex to see this movie would probably come out disappointed on spending such big bucks for this half baked movie.

Why you should? – Because its Jet Li and Jason Statham together, with some amazingly choreographed sequences and which has a good twist in the end.

Why you shouldn’t? – Because the money in your pocket is your hard earned money, why waste it?

Game plan

From time immemorial people loved to see tough guys going through hell due to kids, this has slowly became a new genre all together, whether it was Baby’s day out, or Kindergarten cop, or Jingle all the way, or Big daddy, or the recent Pacifier, all the movies were thrashed by the critics but loved by the paying public. Now another good example on such a movie is Game plan, the movie stars Dwayne Johnson Alias “The Rock”, who is acting as a popular American Football player but is facing troubled times, when a small girl knocks his front door introducing herself as his daughter. What will he do forms the rest of the story. The movie was critically panned but the paying public just gave the movie a big reception which enabled this movie to gross more than $88 million in US alone. People who love movies of such genre will surely not be disappointed seeing this enjoyable film.

Why you should? – Because Rock has a ‘Huge’ fan base in India and seeing him losing out to a young girl would be worth every penny.

Why you shouldn’t? – You want to see an intelligent comedy movie.

Behindwoods.com pick of the week - The 11th hour

The 11th hour is a documentary on how the humans have affected the Earth and what are all the consequences and remedies for our mistakes is told in an effective way. Produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, and directed by Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Peterson, the documentary’s message is potent and delivered well. But somehow the horror which filled our stomach while watching An Inconvenient Truth was totally missing in this. Many youngsters who would have missed The Inconvenient Truth should for sure check this movie and if children also see the movie, a healthier and a better world is in store for us in the future.

Why you should? – Why you shouldn’t?

Why you shouldn’t? – Because you get turned off seeing a documentary, what you are longing for is some high octane entertainment.

Verdict – Plan your game on the Jinxed weekend

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