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By Anuja Chandramouli
The past couple of weeks have seen a mass panic attack, the likes of which has probably never been seen in the world of Tamil Cinema. It all started on April 29th when the Superstar reported feeling unwell while shooting for Rana. Since then, the rumor mills have been spinning like crazy churning out stories by the dozen ranging from the mildly possible to the wildly improbable and some straight from the realms of sheer fantasy.

News appeared on the internet claiming that the Superstar was dead and there was a massive
cover-up going on. Conspiracy theorists crawled out of the woodwork talking about political parties with vested interests and coming up with imagined plots that would have done seasoned spy novelists proud. Others went to town claiming that his death was being hushed up because he was in dire straits financially. Stories poured in that he was not dead but merely at the death’s door and hanging on by a thread. It was suggested that his drinking, smoking, and rapid weight loss to look youthful for Rana were the causal factors. Despite reassurances from his family and friends, the wild rumors refused to die and like the legendary Hydra monster, new heads spouting more fantastical nonsense kept popping up every time one was chopped off and quelled.

The Superstar’s fans have found their heads spinning with all the hearsay that has been floating around with the force of a tidal wave. Many tears have been shed in an outpouring of grief that is indicative of the special place he holds in the hearts of all. Everybody wants to know exactly what has been going on and Behindwoods.com is more than happy to oblige with the truth and absolutely nothing but the unvarnished truth.

On April 29th, Rajinikanth was rushed to St. Isabel’s Hospital and diagnosed with a case of food poisoning. Fans went insane with worry and were badgering everyone remotely connected to the star for bulletins on his health. At this juncture, Dhanush, his son-in-law informed the masses that they had little cause for worry, as it was just food poisoning aggravated by slight dehydration. He assured everyone that the Superstar will be back to normal in no time.

The mass hysteria was just starting to die down, when fresh news arrived stating that Rajinikanth had been hospitalized again on May 4th. The great man was running a temperature and suffering from shortness of breath. He was kept under observation in the Intensive Care Unit and it was reported that he was suffering from allergic bronchitis.

This time around, to quell the waves of hysterical grief, Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya said that her father was responding well to treatment and would be fine. The great man was discharged in a week’s time. Being an extremely devout man, he visited Annai Kaligambal temple and Tiruvanmiyur Pamban temple to thank God and offer prayers to ensure his complete recovery. Rajini returned home to convalesce in the comfort of home while continuing to follow treatment procedures recommended by the doctors. Apparently, he did not wish to be confined to the hospital as he feels more at ease in his home and away from the smells and sounds of a bustling hospital.

Rajinikanth’s crazed fan following who had themselves been visiting temples and offering pujas and performing rituals for their idol’s recovery had barely begun to breathe again, when rumormongers struck again. It was said that his health had taken a turn for the worse, he had been admitted to the hospital where doctors were at wits end and he was to be rushed to the US for a last ditch attempt to save him.

Latha Rajinikanth refuted the rumors of his death with a press report stating all was well and thanked the fans for their love and prayers. She requested them to disregard the rumors. His daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya were seen later in the day at the Poes Garden when they appeared to wish Jayalalitha on her victory. Speaking to media persons they echoed what their mother said and begged the fans not to listen to crazed rumors.

Following a temporary lull, it was again reported by many that Rajinikanth was dead and the cycle was set in motion yet again with the mass hysteria reaching a feverish pitch. The truth is that the Superstar had checked into the Ramachandra Medical Centre on May 14th for some tests and the doctors wished to keep him for a few days as they found some health issues and needed to treat him for a respiratory infection and for gastro-intestinal problems. This was confirmed by both the hospital and Rajinkanth’s brother, Satyanarayana Rao Gaekwad. His brother added that it was probably the result of Rajini’s excessive smoking and sudden weight loss for Rana though he was dismissive about rumors suggesting cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, a protracted death, and the like.

Rajini’s brother wanted him to go to the US as he felt that his brother would be unable to recover in peace here as there would be a constant stream of visitors and other pressing demands on him which would impede his recovery especially since doctors have advised complete bed rest, peace, and quiet. But Rajini himself is against leaving the country because he is as ever the consummate professional and does not wish to throw the Rana schedule into further disarray. KS Ravikumar, the director of Rana, said that at this point everybody’s priority was the health of Rajinikanth, and the shooting can wait. Dhanush has also added his reassurances and said Rajini is taking a much-needed break to recover properly.

The great man caught the swearing-in ceremony of J. Jayalalitha live on TV and had some distinguished visitors like Narendra Modi, the Gujarat CM and Chandrababu Naidu, the former CM of Andhra Pradesh, who have all confirmed that he is alive and fast on the road to recovery. Amma herself said that she has plans to visit him soon and wished him a speedy return to perfect health.

Currently, the Superstar is recuperating at the Ramachandra Hospital, with a team of doctors monitoring him carefully. He will be discharged soon and following a period of rest and relaxation that is imperative, he should be able to resume work on Rana. Loved ones who surround him at all times are nursing him back to health. In the meantime, we, his fans, will continue to include him in our prayers and will wait with bated breath to see him back on the Silver Screen which he has dominated and will continue to dominate for many a long year!
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