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Kamal’s next: the lull before the storm
We have been waiting for over 2 months now, we do not have a clear answer yet. Countless Tamil cinema lovers around the world impatiently await Kamal Haasan’s official announcement about his next film. We thought it would be Marmayogi, but an very inopportune economic slump seems to have caused its temporary stalling. Then we heard about Thalaivan Irukkiran. No one but Kamal can tell us the facts about Thalaivan Irukkiran. All we heard is that Rajkamal films had registered the title and most of us jumped to the conclusion that it was going to be Kamal’s next undertaking. Whether that was really the case, no one knows. Most of you would also have heard about the Tamil remake rights of the highly acclaimed A Wednesday being bought by Kamal.

Kamal has always been a man who plans way ahead. He always thinks about the movies that he would like to do in the future. He is not the sort to wait for one movie to get over before thinking about his next, even with the kind of involvement that he puts into each of his films. An interesting fact about Kamal during the making of Singaravelan: it was incidentally the first time that Vadivelu was sharing screen space with Kamal. On the sets of Singaravelan, Kamal asked Vadivelu to make himself available for the role of Yesakki in Devar Magan. That is the kind of planning that Kamal puts into his films. Now when such meticulous planning comes undone due to unforeseen circumstances it can really set a person back, but not Kamal. He seems to have ideas galore in his mind. If all the planning, booking of artistes, finalizing of locations and many other details had gone into Marmayogi, then that wisdom would be used appropriately somewhere else.

The buzz is definitely about the Tamil remake of A Wednesday, which is beyond any reasonable doubt a ground breaking and rather revolutionary theme which, if presented by someone of Kamal’s stature can have a deep impact on all sections of the society (conditions apply). Now, we don’t want to reveal anything about the story to anyone who has not seen the movie because that would spoil the Tamil remake for you. The next most interesting thing that we have heard about the proposed movie is that Mohanlal will be a part of the movie. This was finalized only after Mammootty’s name was tossed around for a week by many sections of the media.
Kamal Haasan

Now, it is hard to tell how much of this has really happened. It is also hard to confirm without any official announcement that Mohanlal will be part of the movie. But if it is true (one hopes it is) then there can be few things that are better in Indian cinema, it will be a dream combination on screen (the only disappointment being that the original A Wednesday has scope for just one scene where the two lead characters are face to face).

So much talk, so much speculations and so much media space about a project that has not yet been announced. It happens only for a few people. People who deliver much more than movies, they deliver spectacles of pure delight and awe. It is lot like a Rajini film that does not have to be marketed, it gets hyped on its own because of the Superstar’s stature. Similarly, Kamal’s unannounced A Wednesday is currently the most hyped film in Kollywood. A film that has not yet come to be is being celebrated as the next biggest thing. Well, this is just the lull before the storm. The real fireworks being when Kamal deigns that it is the right time to tell us what he really intends to do next.
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