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Every time Sachin Tendulkar scores a run, it is a new record. He holds all the batting records in the world (almost), and so obviously every step he takes is a new frontier. Now, why would we be discussing that here; because we have seen or are about to see something very similar in Tamil cinema. It last happened in 2007. A movie released that swept so much at the box office that it became a record which many though could be paralleled by the same team. Nothing could get as big as this, however hard anyone tried. You are right, we are talking about Sivaji. The overpowering effect that it had on the box office was there for everyone to see, absolutely unprecedented. Now, it is time for another round of such dominance and for the first time since 2007, it does look like the craze that was there for Sivaji is gong to be equaled or even bettered. Of course, we are not forgetting a great landmark that did come to pass in 2008 which too had a similar effect on the industry. But, now it is time to celebrate Superstar once again as he gets ready to deliver his brand of entertainment to his fans all over the world. Some might point out to Kuselan as the last time that Superstar was on screen, but that was at best, a pretender to a real Superstar flick, having only flashes of what Rajinikanth would be on screen.

But, this time, it is not going to be any such thing. It will be a full and throughout Superstar film helmed by the man who redefined ‘larger than life’ from the day he entered cinema; and he still is making it larger for Tamil cinema. So, what happens when the king of grandeur joins the Mozart of Madras and the undisputed Superstar of the industry; we get Sivaji. And, what happens when the king of grandeur, Mozart of Madras, Superstar and the publicity powerhouse of Tamil cinema join hands; we get Endhiran. Yes, if you thought Sivaji was big, you were wrong. To put it in Shankar style. ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’. It is going to be bigger, it is gong to be more exciting, it is going to be the biggest thing that Indian cinema has ever seen; it is going to be Endhiran – The Robot.

A Rajinikanth film is perhaps the best opportunity for writers and media to go eloquent and find endless superlatives because one can be sure that nothing can go wrong, neither will there be a necessity to find superlatives of a higher degree for other occasions. A Superstar film is perhaps a writer’s license for verbal diarrhea (with all kinds of superlatives; that is). If you think that this is an overstatement, then take a look at these facts.

150 crores or even higher, more than 2 years in the making, Superstar, Shankar, AR Rahman, Aishwarya Rai and Sun Pictures; you would have to be on another planet to get a more powerful combination than this. An audio launch that is set to be held this weekend in Malaysia and one wonders where Shankar is planning the premier. Why would Shankar and Sun Picture’s have set off to Malaysia to launch the music? Well, that is perhaps a statement of the scale on which the film has been made and the international appeal that Superstar has at present. We all know that his films have been releasing in Japan for nearly 15 years now and during the glory days of Sivaji there were even a few voices which mentioned Africa as a possible fan base for Rajinikanth. And, Endhiran, it is rumored that, is all set to break all international barriers that Tamil cinema has faced up to now. We are hearing names such as China in the list of possible release destinations; unheard of for Tamil cinema. Knowing well that Sivaji had debuted inside the UK top 10 box office during its release, we can only imagine the kind of effect that Endhiran is going to have, especially if Sun Picture’s goes ahead full steam with its promotional activities; at which is has become an undisputed master at now. And, with all these release centers, the number of prints too will be huge. Trade analysts are talking numbers as high as 4000 or even more. The exact number is not clear at the moment; but whatever it is; it definitely will be a record for Indian cinema.

And, analysts are also predicting landslide audio sales once it is out on July 31. What an audio launch function it is going to be. The guest list will be huge no doubt. But, what we know for now is that a video carrying the CM’s message will be screened at the event. Other attractions include a special performance by Silambarasan and many other events; all this in Malaysia. This is definitely, the makings of an unheard and unseen humungous phenomenon in Tamil cinema. Get ready to be engulfed by the storm, it begins on July 31 and hits the crescendo on September 3.
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