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According to beliefs, conventions and years of facts, we think that it has to be either David or Goliath who stands; both of them can never be left standing at the same time, one of them has to fall. And, the belief is that David almost always manages to bring down Goliath. The fact is however that it is Goliath who gets the better most of the time. It is only on the rare occasion that David manages to get it right. But, only when David gets Goliath is it seen as news worth speaking or spreading. When Goliath tramples David it is not exciting news; it is just the expected outcome when there is a huge disproportion in the sizes of the two opponents.

So, why all this David and Goliath talk? Because, we have been witness to a curious case recently where Goliath awed everyone with his enormity and magnificence while David won a lot of hearts with his simplicity and light heartedness. Yes, David and Goliath have walked together without the latter stepping on the former or the former having to use his sling. Who are Goliath and David respectively? A robot and a simpleton – i.e. Endhiran and Boss @ Baskaran.

Rajnikanth is the kind of Goliath that very few Davids have found as easy targets. Yes, there was an instance in 2008 when this Goliath did fall. But, that apart, it has been an almost 100% win record against all Davids and sometimes even other Goliaths. Even this time, Goliath was expected to be invincible. That is why the grounds had been cleared, everyone had practically ensured that they were safely out of the way; no one wanted to get hit by the storm. Endhiran came and it was almost like a hurricane at the box office. For a couple of weeks it seemed that it was the only movie showing in town. It felt almost as if the other films in theaters (barely hanging on, it seemed), were just making up the numbers rather than making any real money. But, after the initial euphoria settled, one can see clearly. It is not just Endhiran that receiving attention. Yes, perhaps for the first couple of weeks with 450 shows a day and the Superstar wave, Endhiran might have been completely dominant. Now, there is room for one more good film and that spot has been taken by Boss.

It is not to be mistaken that Boss is still here just because the initial Endhiran euphoria has settled down and there is no other movie around for competition. On the contrary, Boss has been able to stick around on its own might. Everyone who has watched the film will know that is a thoroughly enjoyable fun ride from the first to the last frame; a film that does not get serious even when the heroine’s father arranges another groom for her. The amazing chemistry and timing between Arya and Santhanam has been the focal point of the fun which has worked at almost all points in the film. Even more commendable is Arya’s decision to let the character go ahead of his hero image, almost playing second fiddle to Santhanam at certain points. It is certainly the kind of entertainer that we would like to see more of and one did feel a bit sorry to see it bow down and out of theaters in front of Endhiran and made us wonder whether the timing of the release could have been better to give Boss its full scope.

But, looking at the way Boss has hung on in theaters ( in fact, there has been an increase of its shows in some centers) proves a point beyond doubt; a good film will always get its audience – no matter what. And, if one tries to attribute the return of Boss into relative prominence to the loss of interest in Endhiran, it is wrong. Endhiran is still doing rocking business all over and is definitely the overwhelmingly dominant film in theaters now. In fact, there have been a few other backdoor releases over the past fortnight that have not been able to make any kind of impact. It is in this scenario that Boss (now past 50 days) managed to hold on. Finally, an acknowledgement to Udhayanidhi Stalin who did not give up promoting his film even in the face of huge competition; that did help matters.

Moral of the story: David and Goliath can walk together

A film always gets the audience that it deserves

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