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Sivaji Review - First in the media
By Madan Mohan, NewYork,USA

Everything related to Sivaji is First.

First time - Rajinikanth has given close to two years of bulk dates to a movie. First time - coming together of Rajinikanth-Shankar-AR.Rahman trio. First time - an Indian movie is produced for more than 60 crores and so on…..so why not add another first to this list…..and who else than Team Behindwoods to do it....First time - a review on a trailer of a movie… pera keta vudana chumma athiruthilla...

Hair Raising – Two words to describe the trailer.

Style, more style and power style – a line to describe the trailer.

Let’s get one thing straight here, if Rajinikanth is making his statement with his legendary style, then Shankar is making his own with his filmmaking. Trailer is a strong indication that this movie will definitely be a movie by Shankar for Rajini. The director has top class lieutenants A.R.Rahman, K.V.Anand, Sujatha, Thota Tharani and Peter Heinz to help him in his endeavor. And if the trailer is anything to go by, then these guys are just about to show the world, why they are the best in the country. Special mention about Anthony, the wonder editor of Kollywood – he just has delivered a peach of a trailer
The preview has predominantly two make overs of Rajinikanth – one with his Billa era hairdo and another with that of Badsha era. Rendu getupillayum chumma kalakirukaru thalaivar!! Scenes where Rajinikanth comes with the Billa hairstyle seems to be the first part of the movie – with lots of fun, frolic and energy. His Badsha make over seems to be reserved for specially taking on the baddies with vigor and force.
First thing first, Rajinikanth’s trademark S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R introduction graphics seems to have been stylized by Shankar. The Man, the one and only, walks into the trailer with a chopper as his back drop with casual arrogance and ruthless ease. Be sure to be in the theatres – cause it’s going to be one hell of a walk! Expect a feast of Rajinikanth’s comedy; he seems to have stirred a riot with Vivek. The comedian looks to be a part and parcel of the hero through out the movie. Shreya looks cute in whatever little portions she has come. The stunt scenes will be a delight on a 70mm screen. The scene where the Superstar fights with a guitar is for his millions of fans. The Bachelor of Social Service seems to have mouthed lots of dialogues with heavy political overtones. “Ithu thaan en ooru, ethukku nallathu seiyama vidamataen.” “Naan enna business pannava permission kaeten. Ezhaigallukku service panrathukku ya”.

There are also a couple of rushes where Rajini keeps flipping a one rupee coin. Seems to confirm a theory on the story which goes by as a rich hero becoming pauper with just one rupee left for himself and later rising back from ashes - like a phoenix.

On the whole, a great show. Doesn’t matter if he had gone to Himalayas this summer or not, Superstar has raised the Sivaji-Fever to Himalayan heights. “Ithu chumma trailer ma, nee ennum main picture pakalayae”

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