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Interview Team : Jyothsna

Ahead of the release of his third venture Meaghamann, director Magizh Thirumeni takes time to speak to Jyothsna Bhavanishankar on his action flick, Arya, the seven villains, the reasons for Hansika’s presence in his film and the recognition that is evading music director Thaman.  


How has Meaghamann shaped up?


That’s for audience to say. As the director and script writer of this film, I have done what I sought out for and am happy with the outcome. Right from artists to technicians, everyone has done their best and their contribution will be taken note of. Now it’s for the people to judge the value of the film.


All your films so far have chaste Tamil titles. Does it spring from you being a voracious reader or has it got to do with Gautham Menon’s influence?


Neither actually! Other than the thought that Tamil films should have Tamil titles, there is no specific idea that I should go for chaste titles. It just happens. Mun Dhinam Paarthene is from the catchy song from Vaaranam Aayiram and I had that as some kind of reference to Gautham Menon. I always had Thadayara Thakka in mind for an action film. I had already mentioned that it was considered for Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu first but was not used. As it was appropriate for my film, I used that.


For Meaghamann which means captain of the ship, it is just figurative and symbolic. Arya is not the captain of any ship but plays  a character. Meaghamann denotes leadership qualities. A man who is worthy enough, efficient enough and courageous enough to shoulder responsibilities to take up an assignment and complete it in spite of monumental obstacles. The title Meaghamann denotes all these. 


How did you arrive at this title?


Film titles should either be new or appealing. When I work on the script, I don’t mull over the titles. In fact it is difficult for me to ‘catch’ them (titles). Therefore when the stage of ‘catching’ the title came, few options were being considered. When I was reading something, this title struck me; in fact it is taken from Tamil literature. I felt it would be apt and also liked the way it sounded. It has a very majestic and grand ring to it. I discussed with producer and Arya and they liked it. Gautham sir called and said it is an interesting one. Most of the artists in the film are non-Tamil speaking and they were captivated by the sound of it. Thaman told me, ‘please don’t change the title for any reason’. 

Thaman told me, ‘please don’t change the title for any reason’. 


So, for a majestic title such as this, did Arya fit in?


Definitely! When you see the film you will agree with me. Arya’s very physique makes him apt for the role. He is very health conscious and strong and these features matched perfectly with his character in the film. Arya has done different kinds of roles in his career. He has done action roles too but not anything like this. I was sure that I could depict certain dimensions of him that have not been done earlier. Arya had transformed himself in the same mould as how I had expected his character to be. I can guarantee that you will be seeing a new Arya in Meaghamann. 

Arya’s very physique makes him apt for the role


Thadayara Thakka was action based. Going by the trailer, Meaghamann also appears to be action oriented. How is it going to be different from Thadayara Thakka? 


The very premise is different. The story setting and milieu will be different. Though the genre is the same, story is different. When you take thriller, there are many sub-genres in thriller itself-psychological thriller, action thriller and spy thriller to name some. Action thriller will be the common factor for Thadayara Thakka and Meaghamann. Other than that, everything else will be different. 


Did you ask Arya to prepare for the role in some specific way?


Arya, by his very nature is casual, down to earth and honest. But for this character, I needed the person to be very focused and intense. Normally, I talk and discuss a lot about the character to my actors about the body language, the manner in which they should speak their lines etc. All these processes happened for Meaghamann too. The result will be there for you to see on screen.




Hansika is a very popular actress. She has been acting since she was very young. She has done many films in Tamil and Tamil audiences are familiar with her. One thing I can say is that in Meaghamann, Hansika’s acting skills also will be noticed. Like in all my films, I had explained about my expectations of her character. She understood them all. She is a professional and it was nice working with her.


The premise appears to be too male-centric. Where would Hansika figure in this?  


It is a very relevant question. Yes, the film is a ‘boy’s film. But at the same time, as the song goes, ‘It’s a man’s world but what is it without a woman?’ In Meaghamann, I have brought in Hansika’s character with a justification. She is not going to be a mere eye candy. There is valid reason as to why she is there in the film. She is an integral part of the script and the story unfolds because of her. 


Seven villains?


It is an action film, the milieu is such, the ambience is such and the setup is such. The hero has to accost all these baddies to reach his destination. 


Were they your choices?


Yes, mostly! Ashutosh Rana comes from a theatre background and is a trained actor. It was great working with him. He could understand the nuances of the character. I always believe in not writing my characters flat. There should be a dimension and personality to the character. The justification of the character was superbly rendered by Ashutosh Rana, Sudhanshu Pandey, Avinash, Ashish Vidyarthi, Mahadevan, Harish Uthaman and Mahagandhi. I really had a blast working with them. They are all fantastic actors and I believe their performances will be certainly noticed.  


Music and Thaman


Actually I had planned for three songs. However if I had kept the third song, that would have been like a speed breaker to the story and an unwanted protrusion. Therefore I had done away with the third song. It was a creative decision.


Thaman is one of the fantastic music composers of our times but I am not sure if he had got his proper due. At this juncture, I would like to thank the media for the support they had given to Thadayara Thakka. Thanks to them, everyone’s work in the film was noticed. But when you ask me if Thaman got his dues, I am not sure about it. In Thadayara Thakka, RR was one of the best and his music was a great support to the film. Same thing holds good in Meaghamann. I hope that in Meaghamann at least, Thaman gets his rightful due that he deserves. 

I hope that in Meaghamann at least, Thaman gets his rightful due 


Cinematographer Satishkumar


He has already done Peraanmai and is a Film Institute product. When I finish writing my script, I get an idea about the tone of the film, its visuals and compositions. Of course few things are determined by the logistics and funds. Satish gave me what I had expected within the limitations. He is a nice person to work with and his work will be noted in this film. 


Action choreography


Anal Arasu is responsible for action sequences. I have always worked with him and he won award for his work in Thadayara Thakka. Even in Meaghamann, his stunt choreography will be recognized.




I am happy to have directed a film for Hitesh Jhabak and Nemichand Jhabak


Presently, there is a lot of gagging in the film industry from outside sections before the release of a film. What is your take on this?


It is a sad state of affairs. Our state is such that it is used to getting messages through cinema. Tamil cinema is always an interactive medium. As much as it is entertaining, it is also an effective tool to bring in corrective changes to society. All kinds of conflicting opinions and thoughts have been expressed in Tamil cinema without any trouble in the past. It is a sad state of affairs now that we have to make films fearing the various groups. It is very unfortunate. Censor board is there but we have to make films dreading the pressure groups. I feel it should change. In case you are not in agreement with something that has been said in a film, there are various ways to express our dissent.   


Finally, why should someone come to see Meaghamann?


Why do we go to see a film at all? To get entertained! And Meaghamann will provide that entertainment quotient. It would not make fool of the audience. I would not say that this film is saying something to the society that has never been said earlier; it is not that. My film is  not pointing out the demons of the society; it is not that. I won’t say that we have dissected the realities of the society; it is not that.


What I can guarantee you is two hours of entertainment any common man can appreciate. It will not ridicule any section of the society. You will have all those that you expect in a good film in Meaghamann. Good music, an engaging script, superb performances and good technical work are the strong points of Meaghamann.


It is a commercial film and an edge of the seat thriller but as much as we can and to an extent possible, we have tried to give a film without logical loopholes in a realistic manner.  


All the best to Magizh Thirumeni and his Meaghamann team!

Meaghamann is a commercial film and an edge of the seat thriller



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