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Interview Team : Kaushik L M; Venkat

Suja Varunee is a frank young woman who speaks her mind and wears her heart on her sleeve. There are no half measures with her and an interaction with her can prove to be explosive. Starting off mostly as a dancer and now striving hard to make a mark as a quality actress, Suja’s journey is intriguing. Find out more about her in this freewheeling chat with Kaushik. 

“I used to get song offers almost every other day” 

I got introduced as a heroine in the movie Plus Two. I didn’t have any kind of backing or cinematic grounding. I just incidentally got into the field.

The offers after Plus Two didn’t turn out well. I accepted whatever I got and they were all mostly song offers.

Varnajaalam had my first song and I have done songs in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. In 2007-08, I did many songs and that was a time when I used to get song offers almost every other day. But I didn’t know then that the industry would brand me as an item girl. I wasn’t very conscious about my figure and was just a normal chubby girl. I didn’t have the proper guidance.

I wasn’t very conscious about my figure

The Kuselan effect

I was part of Rajini sir’s Kuselan for a song sequence. Vasu sir, Superstar sir, Pasupathy sir asked me why I was sticking to just dance. They appreciated my expressions and attitude while dancing and said that I had potential. Vasu sir encouraged me a lot and their words struck me hard.

Then I did supporting roles in films such as Aptharakshaka and Nagavalli. Big banners and stars were involved in these films. Then I decided for good, to stop accepting song offers. I made a promise to myself to take my career to the next level and prove myself as an actress. I was prepared to struggle and I am still having a tough time proving myself.

Now, the trend of item songs is dying. That is actually a blessing for me and I feel that I had taken a good decision to stop accepting such song offers.

Vasu sir, Superstar sir, Pasupathy sir asked me why I was sticking to just dance

“I am not happy with my career thus far”

I am not happy with my career so far as I don’t have much of an identity. But, I am optimistic about taking my career to the next level. I don’t wish to waste the potential that I have and my upcoming films hold the key. 


“I am not after money”

In Vaa Deal, I have a pivotal role. My character has a big responsibility in the movie. I am optimistic about this one.

As far as Appuchi Graamam is concerned, I am proud of being a part of this science fiction film. It is a different attempt and I am emotionally attached to it.

Pencil is classy and has a neat script. The team involved is good.

I am very conscious about the films that I am choosing. I am not after money; quality work is what matters now.


“I am jealous”

I am jealous about the kind of reach and recognition that newcomers are getting today. I wish I had this level of maturity in my earlier days so that I could have also shaped my career in a better manner. I started off when I was just 13 as an 8th standard girl, and naturally I wasn’t very aware and clear about my career choices.


“Where are the supporting actresses now?” 

Some time back there used to be so many multitalented artistes such as Kovai Sarala mam, Silk Smitha, Urvashi mam, Geetha mam. They could stand on their own even in multi starrers featuring mega stars. There was no slotting of artistes back then.They were doing all sorts of roles and films.

But after a point of time, all girls wanted to become only heroines and thought that only lead roles would get them status and good name, fame.

Now I realize that there are no capable girls for supporting roles. I wish to create a space for myself in this space and fill this void. In fact, supporting actresses have a much longer shelf life than even the lead actresses.

I am ready to slog it out and create a good name for myself in the Tamil industry as I love the city and consider myself a hardcore Chennai girl. I wish to show my potential as a supporting actress and not just as a leading actress.

Supporting actresses have a much longer shelf life than even the lead actresses


“Why brand as an ‘item girl’?”

Branding someone as an ‘item girl’ in our industry is sheer crap. No one calls Vyjayanthimala an item dancer. In the same way, we don’t call Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone or Simran mam an ‘item girl’. But when some lesser known girl is coming and dancing with passion for standalone numbers, they are branded immediately. The way people see such dancers is wrong and I don’t wish to get slotted in that space anymore. No one is reducing clothes out of their own will. It is all for commercial reasons as cinema is a business.

Most of the songs that I did were in combination with main heroes like Suriya sir, Sundar C sir, Bharath and Srikanth. Even then I was branded as an ‘item girl’. Had I gone for dance numbers in a bar setting, I can’t imagine what would have been the case.

No one is reducing clothes out of their own will


The Telugu industry 

I am getting good recognition in the Telugu industry as a supporting actress. People are eager to know what I am doing next. I have done only family oriented films there such as Nagavalli, Gundello Godari, Doosukeltha. I also did a main lead role in the movie Alibaba Okkade Donga.


“Vidya Balan - My dream”

I look up to Vidya Balan a lot. I wish to get her wishes and interact with her at least once. She has seen a lot of things in life and I hear she has faced a lot of struggles in her life, just like me.


So much talent and good work around …

The upcoming directors are coming in with new, fresh ideas. They are breaking all existing templates. Karthik Subbaraj, Nalan, Mani Nagaraj, Ponram are some of the really promising directors around. I admire Radha Mohan sir a lot too, for his brand of classy films.

I can learn a lot from all the actors around. They are all so good and there is so much to absorb from all of them. I wish to go like a jet and work with them all.

I have the passion to learn new things. I grasp from all the choreographers and directors that I have worked with. I see films from all the languages, particularly Korean films as they are crisp and convey their message in a clear manner.


The Ethir Neechal wish

Nandita’s role in Ethir Neechal would have been perfect for me as I have an athletic frame with the proper height, weight and I would have done great justice to that role. Nandita’s role made such an impact and was a very powerful one, much more than even the lead heroine’s role.

Sanchita Shetty’s role in Soodhu Kavvum and Rupa Manjari’s role in Yaamirukka Bayamey were also impressive. I would like to see myself in such kind of roles.

Nandita’s role in Ethir Neechal would have been perfect for me


Audience’s unbridled love and affection 

Audiences shower their love and support on me whenever I go out. They pointed out Nandita’s role in Ethir Neechal and said that I could have done a very good job. I am pushed and encouraged by such comments. I am prepared to toil and make myself deserving of respect and recognition as a good supporting actress.



I don’t have godfathers to pick me up when I fall. I am all on my own and I am striving hard to succeed. I never give up and even the industry recognizes that.

I wish to set an example for strugglers like me and prove that they can also succeed if they work hard. We need to be patient and humble. I am not after quick notorious fame but after well-earned and deserved success.

I don’t have much of an education. All I know is cinema and I have to support my family with whatever I achieve in cinema. I am happy with whatever little I have and will work hard to improve my level.

SUPPORT ME … I am optimistic of winning and am ready to face anything.



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