Shruti Haasan, the hot and happening heroine is a busy actress straddling Tamil, Telugu and Hindi film industries. Her career is going great guns with the beautiful lady working with the top heroes in all the industries. She is a part of Ajith’s Vedalam and Vijay’s Puli. With Puli ready to hit the marquee soon, Jyothsna Bhavanishankar engages Shruti Haasan in a quick chat to find out how the lady feels about the film, her co-stars, the famed Kamal-Sridevi combo and much more.


My character in Puli is very feminine, gentle and lovable
Chimbudeven has pushed his own limits in terms of creativity
Between papa and Sridevi ma’am, they have wonderful memories as they started out together
Vijay sir has done a great job in Yaendi Yaendi number
Suriya is committed to his art, Vijay is focused and Ajith is a wonderful person
To work with Vijay sir, is a big milestone in my career

How did Puli happen to you?

I was approached by director Chimbudeven. Like most films, I heard the script, I got to know about the theme, the project, and I was excited to be a part of it.

Tell us about your role in Puli

I am the love interest of the hero in the film, which you must have noticed from the teaser. There is a big connection to the plot line and my character. My character in Puli is very feminine, gentle and lovable.


He has got a great creative imagination. As director Chimbudeven, he has pushed his own limits in terms of creativity, coming up with something new on the fantasy genre.

Ilayathalapathy Vijay

It might sound clichéd, but it was very nice to work with Vijay sir. As everybody knows he is such a great star and to work with him is a big milestone in my career. I am very happy about it. He is very focused on his work.

How was dancing with Vijay?

I have always loved dancing and when you dance with someone as good as Vijay sir, the experience becomes cherishable. I loved and enjoyed dancing for the jingiliya number.

Do you have action sequences in the film?

No! No action scenes for me in Puli.

Did you have combination scenes with Sridevi?

Not many. But it was wonderful working with someone of the stature as Sridevi ma’am. She was very nice to me. Watching her work in itself was a huge treat. She is extremely committed to her craft. It was a great learning experience for me to see her look so beautiful and also to witness her hard work.

Kamal- Sridevi combo

We spoke about that as well - the famous Kamal-Sridevi combo. Both of them have only good things to say about each other. I have heard lots of stories from papa and to hear them from her perspective was very good indeed! Between papa and Sridevi ma’am, they have wonderful memories as they started out together.

You had mentioned that Vijay had outshone you in Yaendi Yaendi number. Your comment.

Yes, Yaendi Yaendi was not hugely the kind of song that I sing. I have heard Vijay sir sing before. But in this song, he has done a great job and it was wonderful to have crooned a number with him.

Do you have any memorable incident during Puli shoot?

Nothing in particular except for the fact that we shot in some beautiful locations and overall the locations and sets were magnificent. The shooting experience was fantastic.

Your career is going great guns now in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi with back to back projects. How do you feel?

I am delighted. All of us actors start off our career with an aim of finding our stable place in the industry, which is very important. And once you find that stable place, working with good people in good projects is a blessing. By God’s grace things have been going really great and I am really happy.

You have worked with Vijay, Suriya and now Ajith. What is your learning curve from them?

I always feel that there is something new to learn from everybody. In this case, I can’t really put into words how I feel.

In case of Suriya sir, I have worked with him in the beginning of my career and I have always found him extremely driven and committed to his art. As regards Vijay sir, he is a big star, very quiet at the sets but extremely focused on his work. Ajith sir is absolutely wonderful and a great person to work with.

Social media

Social media has become an integral tool now and I feel it is important to connect with people who appreciate your work. Social media gives me the opportunity to directly communicate with my fans and well-wishers. And more importantly, I get the instant update on different opinions. I am very active in social media and would continue to be.

What is Puli all about?

I would say it is a family entertainer; a different genre; a fantasy ride. I think people are going to enjoy the film.