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Interview Team : Kaushik L M

South Indian film audiences have always had a love affair with fair skinned beauties from the North. Many of these women have ruled the hearts of cine buffs down South. And when the girl happens to be tall and graceful too, then she just becomes that much more indelible from public memory. We are talking about Deeksha Seth, Chiyaan Vikram’s co-star in Rajapattai, which released in late-2011. Though the film didn’t work well, Deeksha was noted and she was signed on for Simbu's Vettai Mannan which unfortunately got stuck in the cans. Now, there is a big buzz on Deeksha’s involvement in the upcoming Selvaraghavan - Simbu film. With that wave behind her, I begin this telephonic chat.


So we will see you on the Tamil screens soon? 

Hopefully very soon! I am meeting quite a few people in Chennai for projects but am not in a position to officially confirm or talk more about them. I have met Selva sir too, but nothing more about that for now.

Why the big gap after Rajapattai? Did you turn down offers or did films not come your way? 


After Rajapattai which released in late 2011, I was busy with my Telugu releases and in 2013, I did my Hindi film Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. I had to sign a contract where I was not allowed to do other films during that period. So I was totally occupied for about 2 years. Now that I am free from my other commitments, I have started meeting people for new ventures.

Have you been in touch with the Tamil movie business? 


More or less. Not all movies release here in Mumbai, but I do follow the Tamil film world. Recently, I just loved 'I' and the film was very nice. Vikram gave his 150% for the film and it was remarkable that he could transform his body in such a way. He used to show me some photographs of how he brought about such a change and it was unbelievable. The effort was there in every scene. And Amy was so beautiful in the movie! 

Vikram gave his 150% for 'I'

Fond memories with Vikram from Rajapattai? 


I do have fond memories. Vikram never made me feel that I was a junior and he was so helpful. It's been more than 3 years since the movie released but we are still in touch and he is a really good friend. It says a lot about his character as a person, and I really respect him as an actor and as a person.

Regret that Rajapattai didn’t work out and kickstart your Tamil career? 


There is no regret but you do feel sad, because you have put in so much effort in to it. You always believe that a film would work well when you are shooting for it, but you do feel bad when your efforts don't bear the desired fruits after the film releases.

How was it to work with A.R.Rahman on your Hindi film? Did you interact with him? 


Yeah, we went to his studio and spent some quality time. But I was just too nervous as he is such a great man and a legend. Along with Mani sir, he has given so many memorable songs. While growing up in Chennai, Rahman's songs were a big part of my childhood. You feel so small while meeting such great people. We even had a concert to launch Lekar Hum Deewana Dil's songs and it was a great experience. Nowadays, good music is a must for any film. Luckily, I had Yuvan for Rajapattai and Rahman sir for Lekar.

While growing up in Chennai, Rahman's songs were a big part of my childhood.


Your wishlist of actors and directors to work with, down South? 

There are so many but Mani sir and Gautham Menon sir, prominently. They make films in many languages and their films are followed across the country. And I am a big fan of Ajith. Dhanush is again a fantastic actor, I feel. I had been to the premiere of Shamitabh recently in February, and he is someone that I am really fond of as a person and as a fantastic actor.

Dhanush is someone that I am really fond of as a person and as a fantastic actor.

Have you grown as an actor compared to 3 years back, and are you more confident ahead of your comeback to the Tamil space? 


Like in any job, actors also grow with experience. The confidence factor grows and you no longer feel the fear to ask for help and guidance. While being a newcomer, nerves play a part and we may be jittery but with time and experience, things get better. I am sure it must be the same for you too, in your field of work. But irrespective of experience, while facing the camera, you have to get the shot right.

How much of a Chennai girl are you? 

I have fond memories of my few years in Chennai as a primary school kid. I studied in Sishya and along with my parents, we used to go around the city and to Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry. I have my favorite spots around the city and now when I come back, I feel happy that they have all grown. I used to live in Boat Club and there was this place called Amma Naana. It used to be a small place back then but now it has grown to 3 floors. We generally feel happy and nostalgic about such things right? The city has also become happening. But I couldn't pick up Tamil, as English was compulsory in school and back home, my parents didn't know the language.
Now when I come to the city for meetings, I don't get to spend much time due to my other commitments. I wish I could go to all the small places around the city and to Besant Nagar beach (laughs). I can pretty much find my way around the city, though the new joints and places would be new to me.
Hope you get your fill of Chennai pretty soon when you start shooting for your new Tamil films, Deeksha. Good Luck !!!




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