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Director Vasanth has a special place in Tamil film industry. Having given us films like Rhythm, Keladi Kanmani and Aasai, Vasanth is currently working in Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal. He talks about his upcoming film, its cast and the recent trends in Tamil cinema.

About Moondru Per, Moondru Kaadhal

The movie is over about 60%. Now Arjun’s shoots are on. Cheran’s parts are over and there are some combination scenes as well that will be shot soon. Vimal is joining the team soon. The movie relies upon love and my perspectives on love will be shown through the eyes of three heroes. I thought it would be nice to say these things through popular actors and hence I chose to work with Cheran, Arjun and Vimal.

Is MPMK inspired from real life?

Although it’s not entirely based on real life, many of the incidents depicted in the movie are inspired from real life. For me, it’s impossible to make a movie out of complete imagination. I get inspired from real life incidents and that’s my style of movie making.

Who are you targeting in this movie?

I want to reach a wider audience with this movie. I wanted to bring this message to the youngsters of today and the movie will mostly cater to them. It’ll be entertaining and will have all aspects of love portrayed, enjoyable by people from all walks of society.

Cheran is a very important

director of our times

Working with Cheran

I know him for more than 12 years ever since he was working for KS Ravikumar. I like all his movies, especially Bharathi Kannamma, Autograph and Thavamai Thavamirundu. In my opinion, Thavamai Thavamirundu is one of his greatest achievements. I think Cheran is a very important director of our times. Our friendship was only professional and he always tells me his opinion about my movies. But after he started working for Moondru Per, Moondru Kaadhal, I realized what a darling he is. He’s a director’s actor and he understands my creative decisions. He was a pleasure to work with.


I know Arjun from our Rhythm days. He is an extremely cooperative actor who has no air about the fact that he’s a big star. He helped me in many ways during the Rhythm shooting and he mentions Rhythm as one of the important movies of his career. Rhythm is also a very important movie in my career. Although we wanted to work together, we didn’t have an opportunity. This will be a totally different film for him from Rhythm.

Arjun doesn’t have any air about

his big star status

Do you nurture any desire to act?

I politely refused Thangar Bachchan when he offered me a role. I am happy being a director and I know how difficult it is to saddle two horses at the same time. There are lots of good looking people in the industry today and I think they look their part. I am happy directing them.

Is this movie being made in Telugu?

Yes there are discussions to make this movie in Telugu. Many of my movies were already dubbed and released in other languages.

Why do you think movies not run as much as they did earlier?

That’s because the times we live in have changed. Now movie goers have divided into four: one quarter downloads and watches movies, one quarter watches it in VCDs, one quarter watches it in television and the rest watches it in theatres. So the success of a movie is divided into four parts. While the creator gets his due in congratulations, monetary benefits have come down.

How do you adapt yourself to the current trend in cinema?

You have to change yourself with the world. Nagesh used to say: Even if you are sleeping, please swing your legs constantly or else people will think you are dead and gone. It’s very true. You need to achieve every time and forget what you did in the past. That’s a challenging aspect of my career that I love. I am changing myself to suit to the present requirements of cinema.

Of late, we see a lot of period films. But most of them do not work. What do you feel about it?

I do not have any opinion about it. I feel we do not tend to remember history or like it so we lose interest in that subject. There is no steadfast rule about it but this is what I think could be the reason.

To teach your actors, you need

to be a good actor

Do you teach your actors?

To teach your actors, you need to be a good actor. If I can teach my actors that’s because of what I learnt when I was with Balachander. If you enjoyed the performances of Nagesh, Kamal, Rajini and Saritha, it means you have enjoyed Balachander’s acting. He’s behind their acting skills. But these days things are different. You don’t have to put in that much effort to act. You just have to behave; acting is behaving as the character does these days. Still, it helps if you can guide your actors to perform their roles.

Do you like to work again with Ajith? What do you think about his popularity now?

I am very happy for Ajith. It feels very nice to see them grow big and achieve so much success. Of course I will work with them if an opportunity comes by.

What’s your opinion on Kolaveri?

It’s my favorite song now. It kindles the little child in you. Even before the song reached its superstardom I saw it on YouTube and liked it. I liked the humility of its creator and singer.

Kolaveri Di kindles the child in


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