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After a mind-blowing performance in Avan Ivan, Vishal is ready with his next cracker project Vedi directed by Prabhu Deva co-starring Sameera Reddy. Presenting to you here, the tall, dark and handsome Vishal who discusses Vedi in detail with

On Vedi

Vedi is my film after Avan Ivan, directed by Prabhu Deva master. This is distributed by Sun Pictures. Vedi is the remake of a Telugu film Souryam. I am working with Prabhu Deva master for the first time. I have been working with a lot of new technicians and new cast for the movie. It has a good script and a very strong technical team. I have a huge responsibility to deliver after Avan Ivan and I felt this movie will be a clean family entertainer. I should thank the entire cast and crew for delivering this movie brilliantly. I hope you all will like the movie.

I have a huge responsibility to

deliver after Avan Ivan

I entrusted myself to Prabhu

master’s direction

Working with Prabhu Deva

When I saw the Telugu movie for the first time, I decided that Prabhu master should do the remake. I started shooting immediately for this movie after Avan Ivan and it took me a while to get into the skin of my character called Prabhakaran because I was still reeling under the hang over of Avan Ivan. Prabhu master understood that and he gave me a little break to freshen up and come back for the movie. I had to throw away my Walter character out and start afresh for the movie. I had no expectations about my role and hence I entrusted myself to Prabhu master’s direction. I just did what he told me to do and I am happy I agreed to do that. The movie will have a stylish Vishal, directed by Prabhu master.

Sameera Reddy

This is the first time Sameera Reddy is cast alongside me. She’s as tall as me and that was a good experience. She’s done a fabulous job in both scenes and song sequences. It was very difficult for her during the Ladakh shoots but she cooperated tremendously and as a result all her portions have come out really well.

Sameera cooperated


Action sequences in Vedi

Prabhu master has brought in stunt choreographer Anal Arasu for this movie. Again, I went and submitted myself to him like a newcomer and I am happy with the output. He’s given me a very good body language for action sequences. I am glad that I found another action choreographer to look forward to.

Prabhu infuses life and humor

elements in a song

Dancing in Vedi

I confessed to Prabhu master that I am not a great dancer but he asked me not to worry about it. I wasn’t there for the shoots of the first song, which was between Sameera and Devi Sri Prasad. For the second song, Sophie Choudry came down from Mumbai which was an item song. For the item song in Telugu, the movie’s hero had danced. However, Prabhu master asked me to just walk throughout the song and he convinced me saying that there is another song that has scope for dancing. And then came Icchu Kudu song, which is my favorite song. Baba Baskar is the choreographer for the song and I learnt something while working on the song. It’s not just dancing but Prabhu infuses life and humor elements in a song. So his songs stand out. Songs are this movie’s significant aspect and all the songs are brilliantly done.

After having received recognition for Avan Ivan, what do you think Vedi is going to offer you?

I understand there is a huge pressure on me after Avan Ivan but it’s also not good to stress yourself out. According to me, Vedi will be a perfect follow up for Avan Ivan. After watching Avan Ivan, Prabhu Deva told me that he understands the responsibility that I have and Vedi will be equally admired. I have been now proved as a performer and I am sure Vedi will also be loved by fans and that will become an important film in my career.

Vedi will be a perfect follow up

for Avan Ivan

Feedback from fans

I am really thankful for my fans. They have time and again pointed out what’s good and what’s bad in my movies. The have supported me a lot and all I have in mind is to entertain my fans. Again, I am really thankful for my fans for being with me throughout my journey as an actor.

After Sun took up the movie’s

distribution, the promotion has

become twofold

Sun Picture’s role in Vedi

After Sun took up the movie’s distribution, the promotion has become twofold. We all know how aggressive Sun is in promoting their pictures. Vedi is also going to take a big release in terms of number of screens. I usually have pre-release jitters but thinking of the worldwide release, this movie is going to be huge. I also have good feeling about this movie.

Vijay Anthony’s music

Vijay Anthony and I were classmates during our Vis. Comm. days in Loyola College. I wanted to become a director and he, a musician. We tried a lot to work together but it never worked out. This was a perfect opportunity. In Prabhu Deva’s movies, people expect songs to be good and Vijay Anthony understands the pressure. I think he’s given his best for Vedi. All the 5 songs are good. Vedi’s pre-release buzz is mainly because of Anthony and I thank him for that.

Vedi’s pre-release buzz is mainly

because of Anthony

When would you be teaming up with Lingusamy?

I am going to work for Thiru’s movie called Samaran. After that I will work for Lingusamy during the beginning of next year. I am looking forward to these two films.

How do you choose your films?

I do not have any such plans. I am taking things as they come. I did not expect to work in Bala’s film or Prabhu Deva’s film or Thiru’s film. All these things happen on their own. I think it’s going to be a very good journey from hereon for me.

R D Rajashekhar is a magician,

not a cinematographer

Cinematographer R D Rajashekhar

I have to particularly thank R D Rajashekhar. He’s a magician, not a cinematographer. People told me that I look good in this movie, probably the best in my entire career. I felt the same too. I have worked with R D in Sathyam. I do not know how he does it but he does it in a mind-blowing fashion. He was one of the first technicians to be committed to the movie. I am hugely thankful to him for his work.

Your Himalayan trips

I do not go to Himalayas for meditation or for spiritual reasons. I went to Kullu, Manali and Jammu first when my dad produced a movie called I Love India in 1992. And I was fascinated ever since and whenever I get an opportunity, I take off to the hills. I go there after I finish a movie, just to rejuvenate myself. When I am there I want to be myself.

I don’t go to Himalayas because

Rajini sir goes there

I love trekking and all adventure activities in the Himalayas. We were supposed to go to South Africa (for Vedi) but when visa did not come through and since it was too late to go anywhere else, I suggested Ladakh. We faced a lot of altitude sickness issues but the songs were shot brilliantly. I think I have some kind of connection with that place and I love going back there again and again. I don’t go to Himalayas because Rajini sir goes there or to follow anybody’s footsteps.

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