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Actor Nandha who proved his mettle with Mounam Pesiyadhe, Punnagai Poove and Urchagam, is a happy man these days. His role as a suspicious husband in Eeram has earned him accolades and the young actor has been roped in once again by S Pictures for Ananthapurathu Veedu. Catch Nandha in a happy mode in conversation with behindwoods.com

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Tell us something about Eeram

Nandha : In Eeram, for the first time, I have played a negative role. In my previous films, I have done romantic, action and playboy characters but my role in Eeram is completely different from my earlier flicks. I have always wanted to do a dangerous and a challenging role. Normally it is difficult to get an anti hero script. I am very happy that I got such a role early in my career. It was very interesting to play Balakrishnan's character

How did you feel to be working for S Pictures?

I am happy and it is a matter of pride to be associated with Shankar. The repertoire of S Pictures itself is very diverse and they try different genres be it Khadhal or Veyil or Imsai Arasan or Arai En 305il Kadavul. Each one of them is different from other. In that manner Eeram can be termed as a romantic thriller. It has a good dose of romance as well as thrill.

" It is a matter of pride

to be associated

with Shankar

Why did you choose the negative role in Eeram?

Director Arivazhagan told me Eeram is about the travel of two characters. When I heard the script, the character of Bala stayed in my mind and I told him I will do the negative role and he also agreed. According to me, barring the actual hero and villain, the role that stays in the audience’s mind after they come out of the theatres is the actual hero. As the role of Bala settled in my mind after hearing the script I chose the character. I am also happy with the audience’s response.

What do you think about negative roles?

Today’s popular actors have done different types of negative roles, which has remained a turning point and has given a break in their career. Negative roles always have a better reach and have been keenly observed. The audience would always be curious to know what this character would do next. It will be well registered in the minds. The reach and response of my role in Eeram has boosted my confidence and it has worked out for me. Now I am certain I can essay more powerful and challenging roles.

How do you choose your films?

I want my films to be entertaining. Audience who watch a film for two and a half hours must come out of the theatres satisfied and entertained. A film should have the right doses of good comedy, stunt sequences, songs and sentiments. I choose such films.

" Ananthapurathu Veedu

is an enjoyable

horror film

Is your next film Ananthapurathu Veedu also a thriller?

Eeram is a thriller and Ananthapurathu Veedu is an enjoyable horror film. There are many differences between horror and thriller. Both are of different genre. Even though a film belongs to the horror genre, the audience enjoys it as they know why things are happening in a particular fashion. But the characters in the film don’t know and hence we (actors) should only fear and not the audience. They can enjoy the film. In that way, there is a vast difference between Ananthapurathu Veedu and Eeram.

How was Aadhi?

Aadhi is the other hero in Eeram. When I saw his picture, I first thought him to be a newcomer. Then they told me he was the one who acted in Mirugam. I could not believe it because in Mirugam his face was hardly seen as it was covered with hair. But for the look of an ACP in Eeram, he has really worked hard, toned up his muscles, worked on his body language and has shown a lot of variation. Aadhi’s character has worked out well in the film. I am happy to have worked with him. We have shared good moments in locations. We had no ego hassles right from day one and had a good understanding.

" Aadhi’s character

has worked out

well in the film

What kind of films you would like to work?

I want to do good entertaining films and also full length comedies. I would love to do children’s films.

" No hero has been

booked consecutively

for two films by

S Pictures

Future projects?

I feel extremely happy and proud to be working once again in S Pictures Ananthapurathu Veedu because till date no hero has been booked consecutively for two films by S Pictures. Impressed by the rushes of Eeram, Shankar signed me for Ananthapurathu Veedu. I am tremendously thankful and grateful to him for having given me beautiful characters to prove myself. I am also thankful to Arivazhagan for offering me Eeram. I once asked Arivazhagan the reasons for taking me in the film. He said that he wanted a known face sans an image and I fitted the bill perfectly. When an actor has no image, he can essay varied roles.

I will also be doing Jayakumarin Thiraikadai, a full length comedy written by Sharath Haridas, the script writer of Ananthapurathu Veedu. Then I will move on to new director Ezhumalai’s Puzhudi, which is a full length action film.

About Arivazhagan?

Eeram is a different genre which is first of its kind for me and Arivazhagan. One can make the audience fasten to their seats in a commercial film by having comedy, action, dance, song, sentiment etc. But it is difficult to hold the attention of the audience for a good 150 minutes without songs, without comedy which Arivazhagan has done excellently. When talking about what are the interesting things that could be done in this kind of film, Arivazhagan arrived at the romantic component of Aadhi and Sindhu Menon in the flash back sequence. And the song flowed in with the duration of two-two minutes. When we wanted to present this thriller in a cool form, we zeroed in on rain to be the tool. In every scene, you will find water in some form or the other. We have the full film in a ‘pre, post and during rain’ format. Not only outdoors but even in indoor scenes, there will be some form of wetness like the rain outside the window. Even if there was no rain, when the characters come out, the scene would be wet for instance rain drops on the car etc. Minute details have been worked out and technically presented in a better way. One of the very difficult shots was the tub shots wherein I kill the heroine and put her in the tub. These were no cc shots and were shot real. Similarly, when I throw the poison tablets from up to the coffee cup, the tablets would hit two places and then go inside the coffee. The sound effects for each one of this hit would be totally different. It needs a special intelligence to sync the sound and visuals. In that manner Arivazhagan is a wonderful technician and he planned every thing meticulously.

What did Shankar say after seeing the complete film?

After Shankar saw the rushes of Eeram, he was impressed and booked me for Ananthapurathu Veedu. He was very happy when he saw the completed film. He only said that he had applauded in many places and also cried in a few scenes. As an actor, I consider that as my great success. I am happy to have satisfied my producer and the greatest creator. He also opined that my character could have been lengthened further. I consider that as my greatest compliment.

" I am happy to have

satisfied my producer and

the greatest creator

What is your personal feedback after seeing the film?

Creativity knows no bounds and normally any actor would always feel that he could have done better, improvised here and there. It is quite natural and I also felt that way. But the director had defined my role perfectly and delineated my character. He expected me to underplay and essay my role subtly.

" Saranya Mohan

is a good dancer

About your co-stars?

As I had earlier mentioned, Aadhi is a very dedicated artiste. Although it is his second film, his dedication, cooperation and friendliness were very good. Sindhu Menon comes to Tamil after a long gap. She is an excellent and a natural performer. She has clearly brought out the differences between a college girl and a housewife. Saranya Mohan is a good dancer. Though she is not the heroine, she has done her job very well. In a particular scene, she would have combined two personalities and has done a remarkable job, something like the split personality in Anniyan. It was a very difficult scene to enact and she did it well. I am happy to have worked with these three artistes.

What according to you are the reasons for Eeram’s success?

Eeram’s success could not have been possible without a good team work. It was a youthful and understanding team. We all jelled well and did not define our work responsibilities. Eeram is a dark film and is not an entertainer. We were constantly striving to achieve excellence and that’s the reason for a good output.

" Eeram is a dark film "

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