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Comedian Kanja Karuppu has impressed us with his performance in films like Porali, Paruthi Veeran, Nadodigal to name a few. He talks to behindwoods.com about his journey in film world.

About your life

Every man will have dreams of bringing their children up well but I did not have huge ambitions. My upbringing was tough. I had nobody to turn to for support in my family. When I was three, my father passed away due to cancer. We were 5 children and I was brought up in difficult circumstances. I had to work to bring my family up since I did not want my siblings to go through what I went through. That’s also when I decided that I would marry a doctor because I knew the suffering my father went through because of cancer. I am happy that I married such a girl. We also brought a baby boy into the world recently.

I will never forget my two

mentors Bala and Ameer

I had gone through a lot of difficulties but I will never forget my two mentors Bala and Ameer. They are responsible for bringing me up and if I’m anything today, it’s because of them. I will forever be indebted to them.

How did you come to be in movies?

My first offer was from Bala and I did a role in Pithamagan. Bala used to tell me that I will make it big one day and thankfully his words have sort of come true. My first dialogue for the movie was also symbolical, which went something like that. My second movie was Ram, directed by Ameer. And then I went on to star in Subramaniapuram, Paruthiveeran, Nadodi, Sandakozhi, Sivakasi, Thamiraparani and Vengai. I am also in Porali, Mannar Valaiguda, Kai, Keeripulla, Mayanginen Thayanginen, Vekkathai Kettal Enna Tharuvai and Oru Nadigayin Vaakkumoolam.

Why don’t you have a separate comedy track in movies?

Tracks usually do not gel with a movie and hence people who do separate track are also at a risk of losing out. I do not want to be in that category. I like characters that are part of a movie.

I like characters that are part of a


About your Kalavani role and performance

I loved the role in Kalavani and Sarkunam told me to do just what the script demanded. Not a bit more, not a bit less. I did it and it became a success. I am restraining myself from going overboard many times because that’s what people like I am told repeatedly by people like Samuthirakani. I like doing that.

Your projects with Balachander and Bharathiraja

After watching Paruthiveeran, Bharathiraja wanted to see me. I met him and he promised me a role in his next project and gave me an advance as well. I have also acted in Balachander’s production house. Shankar and other big directors called and congratulated me as well.

Actors should be treated well

About the demands popular stars make

Actors should be treated well. When I was working in Poraali, I was treated to the comforts of caravan. But I won’t even get inside the caravan. I prefer to stay outside and eat meals from a simple house. In my opinion, actors deserved to be treated well. However, I have never misused the facilities I am provided with.

Tell us about the charities you do

I have done a lot of charity work. But I don’t like to talk about them. Particularly, I want to open a school in my village. I hope I will be able to do it.

I don’t like to talk about the

charity work that I do

About your project in the lead role in Mannar Valaiguda

The project just happened. Director Dhanasekar told me a story and wanted me to be part of it. I liked the story but was apprehensive about it. And then I asked director Madesh who immediately said that I should be part of it. What was also surprising was a director endorsing his assistant. Dhanasekar is a hardworking director. Same way, cameraman Venkudu is also an upcoming technician. I pray to god that this movie releases and runs successfully.
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