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Eshwar, who debuted as hero in Virunthali, is waiting for his next release Dam999, an English film. Armed with an MBA and a rich experience with a reputed international airlines, the young man is all set to conquer the tinsel town too. Catch Eshwar in conversation with Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar.
A brief introduction about yourself

I am Eshwar. I have done Virunthali and I am currently working in an English film called Dam999. I worked with Emirates Airlines after completing my MBA degree from Loyola College, Madras, and that’s when these two film opportunities came to me. I have just entered the film industry now and I am keen to work in good films.

Why cinema as your career?

Although I have completed my post graduation, my interest lies only in cinema. My education has also taught me some of the fundamental features which are needed in cinema like meeting deadlines and improvisation. I was also into advertising and was waiting for the right opportunity to come my way and when it did, I switched over to the film industry completely.

How did Virunthali happen?

I had a casual meeting with producer Rajesh Gopinath when I was working for Emirates and we had a discussion about our common interests. He told me that he was also keen to enter the film industry as a producer and took my contact details. After six months, he called me to get in touch with director Waterman for an audition. I cleared my audition and that’s how I was on board for Virunthali.

How was Virunthali’s response?

First of all, I wanted an entry into filmdom and that happened through Virunthali. Secondly, I believe I have done my job well and the reviews I received for my performance were encouraging. Thirdly, the film had a wider reach, even in villages, in addition to cities as the subject was a village based one which is a very important factor for an artist. So overall I am happy and I cannot ask for more at this stage.

About producer Rajesh Gopinath

Producer Rajesh Gopinath is a very friendly person. It is very nice of him to have given me an opportunity. He always tells me that I am not an employee but like his younger brother and has been encouraging me. He also tells me that I would be there in his future projects too. I am very lucky to get a producer like this in my very first movie.

I would be there in his future

projects too

Waterman is a very creative


About director Waterman

I met director Waterman and production designer Sreekumar, for the first time, during my audition. I had an urban look at that time, and was surprised when I was chosen to act in spite of the village based subject. Waterman is a very creative director. He has an eye for the visual medium. I am happy to have worked with him.

Homework for Virunthali

I had to change my physical appearance. The rawness one normally associates with a villager will not be there in a city dweller. Hence, I needed to change that aspect in me. It was more of mental work for me in Virunthali.

It was more of a mental work for

me in Virunthali

Any unforgettable incident while shooting for Virunthali ?

My first day of shoot was the climax scene of the film. And my first shot was with Nasser sir which I cannot forget. I have seen him in films and it was so difficult to believe that I was acting with him. I have even told him that. I felt like working for a corporate firm till I met him. Only after acting with him did it strike me that I was also in cinema.

It was good working with

Nasser sir

Any advice from Nasser?

Nasser sir was always encouraging, cool and composed. He was my father in the film and used to talk to me like one. Hence it was easy for me. He used to give me tips on improvisation which helped a lot. It was good working with Nasser sir.

Heroine Dhyana?

Dhyana is very beautiful and talented. We had a lot in common as it was the first film for both of us and we do not also know the industry that well. It was easy working with Dhyana.

Dhyana is very beautiful

Future projects?

I am doing an English film called Dam999 which would get completed soon. I am keen to do a Tamil film after this. I am reading many scripts and I want to be careful in choosing my next film.

Experience working in Dam999

Well, sets were huge in Dam 999 and I had to mouth English dialogues. Secondly the film was shot in live sound and there was no dubbing. There were many international artists in the film and it was a learning experience for me. It was also a different one from my first film which was village based. It was interesting to watch the crew approach the scene in a particular way and their preparations. All in all, an enriching experience.

Did you dub for Virunthali and how was the experience?

Yes, I dubbed for Virunthali and the dialogues for the film were written by Singam Puli. By and large, they were all comedy dialogues and I had to speak a lot. Singam Puli and his assistant helped me in dialogue delivery. It was easy and I enjoyed it.

Did you find it difficult to speak village Tamil?

Although, I am city bred, I have spent my initial years in villages. Since my mother tongue is Tamil, it was not difficult for me to get the native twang. When there were corrections during dialogue delivery, I was helped by the crew and it was fine. We had used only a neutral tone in Virunthali and it was not too much of Madurai accent and the village itself was a fantasy one. So it was mostly neutral Tamil in the film

I am fond of Shriya and Trisha

Favorite actors and actresses

I like Ajith, Kamal and Madhavan. Among actresses, I am fond of Shriya and Trisha.

Favorite directors

Mani Ratnam, Bala, Vasantha Balan, Cheran and many others.

If you get a call from Mani Ratnam and Waterman, who would you choose?

I would choose Mani Ratnam and I’ll tell Waterman that I would complete Mani sir’s film and then join him which would be useful to him also.

What is your dream role?

I saw an English film called Jumper where they would be traveling to different places. I like such films because I like travelling. I like such fantasy characters.

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