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Bharath has come a long way from his ‘Boys’ days. With plum and diverse projects in his kitty, this young lad is awaiting his next release Arumugam.

Bharath in an exclusive chat with

BW: How did Arumugam happen?

Ajmal: After Pazhani, I was keen to do a mass commercial entertainer but did a few realistic films. I realized that my interest to do a commercial film alone will not suffice but needed the right director to execute such a script and to take it to the people in the right fashion. When director Suresh Krissna told me the one liner for Arumugam, I was very excited, as he is a proven commercial director who has rendered many hit films with stars like Rajni and Kamal. I was confident that when I work with such a director, the content is sure to reach the audience perfectly. And I instantly agreed and started work for Arumugam.

About Ramya Krishna’s role in Arumugam?

When the script was ready, it did not have henchmen, villains or the typical aruval, but required a woman antagonist. The first name that came to everyone’s mind was Ramya Krishnan because she had excelled in such a character earlier in Padayappa. But we were not sure if she would agree to a similar role. But Suresh Krissna sir convinced her to do Arumugam. Her character in the film is status conscious and believes only that in life. The film is the consequences of confrontations of such a woman with a platform boy.

" The first name that came

to everyone’s mind

was Ramya Krishnan "

About working under Suresh Krissna’s direction?

" Suresh sir

believes in showcasing

emotions through eyes "

Suresh sir believes in showcasing emotions through eyes. I adapted myself to his style. In Hari or Perarasu’s films, I would have acted in a very normal, practical manner. You would find a mischief in my character and there would be punch dialogues. In Arumugam, Suresh sir has made me act in a subtle but intense fashion. He asked me to watch Amitabh and Rajni films and take the cue from them. In the first half, I will be a naïve and innocent man whereas in the second half you will see a highly matured man. Suresh sir was able to bring out this variation from me.

About Priya Mani

Priya Mani was the last one to be cast in Arumugam. There is no special love track for her in the film. Her character is very cute and humorous and she loves the hero right from her childhood. She has done a comical role in the first half and has performed very well. I am sure this film will be much talked about for Priya also.

" Priya Mani was

the last one to be

cast in Arumugam "

" Deva sir

has worked with vigor "

About music director Deva?

The role of music director in a commercial film is very important and if this succeeds, it is akin to half the job done. I don’t have to say about Deva and Suresh Krissna’s combination as it is evident from their blockbuster musical hits in Veera, Annamalai

and Badshah. This is the greatest plus for the film. And the chemistry between the music director and the director has helped the film to a great extent. There is variety in the numbers from mass to melody. Deva sir has worked with vigor and I am confident Arumugam will be musically hit also.

What about your dance numbers?

I have good scope in Arumugam to showcase my dancing skills especially three numbers for which music has been scored just to highlight my dance. Perarasu has written my intro song which is very interesting with philosophical lyrics. Then there is a folk number. I am sure the audience will enjoy every bit of my dance in Arumugam.

How do you keep toggling between mass and romantic films?

It is very important for an artiste to keep shifting from one genre to another as per the script. I am an upcoming actor and I cannot afford to complete one film and then move on to the next one. I need to have new releases once in every three months. I have to equip myself to do a Kanden Kaadalai and also an Arumugam. Kanden Kaadalai was an urban subject whereas Arumugam was not. I have confidence in myself to bring out the variation and I have done my best.

" I need to have

new releases once in

every three months "

Stunts in Arumugam

Stunts in the film have been choreographed by Dalapathi Dinesh which is very intense and powerful. The climax fight sequence shot at Ramoji film city will be the highlight of the film. We constructed a water tank and shot the entire sequence in water.

Which are your favorite songs in the film?

I like my intro number. Lyrics penned by Perarasu will strike a chord with everyone. The first reel with the lyrics, music and my dance will rock the theatre. I like the melody number ‘Yamini’ which was shot in Dubai.

Cameraman SK Bhoopathi

He is a very busy cameraman in Telugu and is working in Tamil films too. He has understood Suresh Krissna sir’s needs and delivered the exact mood in every frame.

How would your fans react to Arumugam?

I am sure they would lap up Arumugam as there is romance, action, sentiment and all the necessary commercial ingredients in the film and they would definitely be satisfied.

What about comedy track?

Karunas is responsible for the humor quotient. There is no separate comedy track as such. Karunas and I work in an idli shop and the entire first half will move at a lighter vein which will be entertaining.

You have worked with different directors. Did you find any difference working under Suresh Krissna?

He is a very silent person and knows how to extract what he wants from the artiste. He does not hurt anyone. A very talented director and has the capacity to script powerful laudable scenes in his film. When I work with such a director, I also have the opportunity to mould myself.

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