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Behindwoods owned and operated by Nian Info Solutions Private Limited is committed to making your trading experience safe. Please rely on our advice and guidelines to help you make informed decisions with confidence and trust.

Use our guidelines and your common sense

Know what you are auctioning

Pay Smart

What to do if something goes wrong

1. Use of our guidelines and your common sense will help you trade safely

We provide a feedback system, trust & safety advice and openly available information and tools - it is important that you use all of this advice and the tools to make sensible trading choices.You need to use all of this information together.

Use safe payment methods while placing bid in Behindwoods.com.

Behindwoods.com is a friendly and open community so it is important you treat everyone with the same integrity you expect to receive from others.

2. Know what you are auctioning

Knowing more about what you are auctioning helps you make a confident and informed decision:

Read the item description and the terms and conditions carefully, including payment options, shipping costs and return policies.

Closely examine photographs to assess an item's condition.

3. Pay Smart!

Auctions on Behindwoods.com can offer a range of payment methods with varying levels of protection. Always apply the same common sense to online transactions that you do offline.

Credit cards with chargeback facilities add security. Chargeback facilities allow customers to receive a refund in the event of a fraudulent transaction or if they do not receive the service they paid for. It is important that you check with your credit card provider as to whether a chargeback facility is available for your card and if so, the level of protection provided.

Read more tips on the pros and cons of different Payment Methods.

4. What to do if something goes wrong

It is very rare that something goes wrong with a transaction, but if it does, there are several options available to you:

Remember that your credit card provider or shipping insurance can help to recover funds lost in a transaction. Make sure you understand the policies of the payment provider you are using and the time frame in which you can file a claim.

You can also be assured that Behindwoods.com assists law enforcement officials in their investigations of any suspected criminal activity when appropriate.


Exercise caution when receiving communications from outside Behindwoods.com.

Select a secure password that is a combination of letters and numbers to protect your account information - never choose an obvious word such as 'password', your email address, your name, your family's names or birth dates.

If you receive a request to update your personal information and you do not feel comfortable about the source of the email, do not click on links in the email - simply open a new browser, type www.market.behindwoods.com, sign-in and use the Site Map to navigate the site.

Watch out for "spoof" emails. A spoof email may appear as though it has come from a trusted company (including www.behindwoods.com) - if in doubt, do not click on links from emails.

Exercise caution if an email requests personal information such as credit card details or passwords. In the same way that you never tell anyone, even the bank teller, your PIN number, you should always protect your private information, including passwords.

Regularly check your account and preferences to make sure there is no unauthorized activity.


To protect the interests of our visitors who are genuinely interested in our product, we require our bidders to pay a small onetime fee before they are eligible to bid in Behindwoods Market.


The Bidder Verification Fee is refundable under the following scenarios.

If the bidder has no active bid in the system.

If the bidder does not have any pending payment to be made.

If the bidder successfully purchases the item he/she bids.


The Bidder Verification Fee will be forfeited if the bidder is unable to purchase the product he/she bids.


You cannot retract the bid once the bidding is placed.

Please contact our Behindwoods Market staff if you want to cancel your bid. We generally allow you to cancel the bid in a genuine case and it is up to Behindwoods compliance department to make the discretion.

Refund policy:

There is no refund policy for products purchased by winning an auction.