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Review By : Release Date : Jul 29,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 hour 29 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Jyothi Despande Cast: Huma Qureshi, Mammooty Direction: Udhy Ananthan Screenplay: Nandini, Praveen Balakrishnan, Udhy Ananthan Story: Nandini, Praveen Balakrishnan, Udhy Ananthan Music: Rahul Raj Background score: Rahul Raj Cinematography: Amarjeet Singh Editing: Achu Vijayan

Megastar Mammootty's evergreen screen presence, Bollywood diva Huma Qureshi's dashing looks and the exotic splendor of London, all have been added into the love story of a middle-aged billionaire and a young girl. This is 'White' in a capsule for you. The plot revolves around the life of Roshni Menon (Huma), whose work brings her to London. There she meets the highly unpredictable Prakash Roy (Mammootty) and her life is not the same anymore.


Uday Ananthan carries over the affection he had developed towards simple love stories from his first movie 'Pranayakalam' into White. The direction was only average as the performances of many supporting artists were amateur. The screenplay was interesting and grippy at few scenes but overall gives a lag feel.


The characterization of Prakash Roy could have been handled more carefully as his mood swings do not explain itself clearly as the story unfolds. One could not help but realize the striking resemblance the story and screenplay have with the n number of Bollywood love sagas in which the billionaire hero comes into the life of a cute heroine and sweeps her off her feet.


Mammootty is as hot as ever in his modern attires and his performance is good. Huma is undoubtedly a good actress who brings every emotion on her face with ease, but her lip movements do not perfectly sync with the dialogues. Siddique and Shankar Ramakrishnan have done justice to their roles.


The director has succeeded in extracting the best from cinematographer Amarjeet Singh and music director Rahul Raj. Together they provide many magical moments which make the movie a soothing experience to this less engaging script.


Verdict: White is an one time watch, if you really love 'love stories'
( 2.5 / 5.0 )
By Behindwoods Review Board
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White (aka) White

White (aka) White is a Malayalam movie with production by Jyothi Despande, direction by Udhy Ananthan, cinematography by Amarjeet Singh, editing by Achu Vijayan. The cast of White (aka) White includes Huma Qureshi, Mammooty.