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As an ardent Kollywood fan and a daily reader of your website, I was a little bit upset by the article "Surya better than Kamal – Are you kidding?"

Actually the author of this article has not really understood about today's Kollywood. No one has compared Surya with Kamal Hassan, because every cinema lover may know that Kamal Hassan is a living legend. Yet, it's not a crime to say that Surya is next to Kamal Hassan. I am a great fan of Ajith, Vikram and Vijay ... but when it comes to perfection ... Surya overcomes this power-packed actor:

Ajith Kumar is handsome and has a great charisma...
Vijay is an excellent dancer and a good comedian...
Vikram is a very talented actor...
But everyone could see that the combination of all this qualities is Surya.


I'm not praising laurels on him because I'm his fan, but I want just explain how far he is better than other actors of nowadays.

Are there any actors in our industry who is more handsome than him? Even if you forget his 6 packs, you can't forget the Surya of "Ghajini" or "Khaaka Khaaka" ! He is still a great inspiration for many guys who want to be good-looking...

I think that "Ayan" will make some waves in this domain.
Coming to acting capabilities ... does he have anything to prove?
He has tried every kind of roles and has always been perfect in what he does.
People who make mimicries could not imitate Surya because he hasn't got a particular style, in contrast of MGR-Sivaji-Rajini-Kamal-Ajith-Vijay (I'm not blaming them ...). Why?
Because in each movies and projects, he tries something different and doesn't hesitate to take some risky challenges. Consequently, we can't see him in a same role or adopting the same style in more than one or two movies...

Many directors want to cast him in there movies and even directors who don't believe in well established actors ... are eager to work with him. Does an actor need more than this kind of recognition?!

It's more than irritating to see that some people try to underrate fans of good cinema ... by simply throwing some criticism of this type " I don't know what generation the writer of the column belong to, but my guess is the author wasn't even born when ...". What does it mean?

That only people born in the 50's or 60's could comment on movies? That actors who diet for more than 8 months or makes efforts to play a blindman, an eunuch, a humpback ... can't be considered as actors?

I think that everybody must be proud to see actors like Surya who believes in their talents and in their director's potential... and not in the movie's masala ingredients!

He has achieved in 10 years ... what some great actors have done in more than 3 decades!

S.Dayan (France)

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