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Playing with the plot of an original movie while attempting a remake often goes wrong. Shankar plays safe by making a scene-to-scene remake of perhaps one of the best movies of Bollywood this year - '3 Idiots'. He brings you Nanban, a feel good entertainer sure to bring smiles and adoration for the work of the cast and crew.

Grandeur - is one word to describe Shankar in what ever he does. Be it marketing his movie or creating a hype, making a name for himself or making the movie itself speak for itself - Shankar has the word 'legend' written all over him.

After you come out of the movie, if you are still wondering what is 'different' when compared to 3 Idiots, you haven't watched the movie properly. Doing all justice in terms of story screenplay to its original is Nanban and one cannot debate on this because when a remake is announced, it is going to be the same wine put in a bottle of the director's choice. Shankar has tweaked it so well that you don't need anything more to please you and you are satisfied with the output even if you know what is going to happen in the next scene.

Harris Jayaraj - the man known for looping his own tunes in many different ways in different songs comes up with a few catchy tunes and gosh, his background score in the movie was top class. I was surprised and asked my friend next to me - "Harris Jayaraj is the music director right?". Perhaps, the presence of Resul Pookutty in the sound department was an amazing thing to do because the most of the most intricate sounds in the environment can be heard. I watched the movie at Urvashi Cinemas, Bangalore which features the world's best sound system (Meyer Sound EXP) and screens Digital 4K Cinema and I was taken in for a cracker. Really enjoyed the movie watching experience.

Manoj Paramahamsa's camera captures the nature and the scene so well that you feel the third dimension without it actually being there.When the lead cast travels to Dhanushkodi to find Panchavan Parivendan (Vijay's character), you get awed by the visuals. He's captured India so well that you don't believe your own eyes.

The picturisation of the songs in the movie was a class apart. It was one area where 'Nanban' outshines the original. The songs have Shankar's mastercraft trademark stamped all over it. Except for the song 'Irukaana Illayaana..' which was totally out of place and unnecessary, other songs were a treat to watch. What was more unnecessary was bringing Farah Khan to choreograph that song. It had 'Shiela ki Jawaani''s drum ringing all the while. 

The one negative that I didn't like in the movie was the fact every character in the movie (tried) imitated their counterparts from 3 Idiots.

It was apt for the story in some places but most of the time it shuns your mood. Right from Vijay to Sathyaraj, everyone's dialogue delivery and body movements were similar to their characters from the original. That was one thing that could have changed. When remaking a movie, a director should also give thought to the fact that people who watched the original are also going to watch the remake and this is one area where going wrong would spoil the show.

Another mistake I found apart from seeing the camera and the whiteboard through the lead actor's sunglasses' reflection in songs (which has been present in Shankar films ever since Sivaji) was that Pari's (Vijay) name is spelled 'Panchavan Parivendhan' in the hostel allocation list and 'Panchavan Parivendan' in the result list. Possibly a slight error for a newbie but not for an established director.
Otherwise, the movie carried its own slight flaws just like 3 Idiots where Silencer's position in the frame changes when he challenges the lead trio on September 5 on the real date and his position is totally different in the first scene when he narrates the flashback. The intensity of the dialogue delivery also differ.

Vijay has donned a role which he has never done before and even if he tries to imitate Aamir Khan in places, he shows the world that he is a professional actor who doesn't need commercial cinema to live a life. He is an epitome of the subtlest of the subtle acting brilliance. Maybe it is the Shankar effect, but whatever be it, it answers his critics and shows his credibility. If you had doubts whether he would do justice to Rancho, he does and does it in his own style.

Sathyaraj comes up with a spectacular performance in his own style. Ileana is a booty sorry beauty to watch but again a mood spoiler when she starts talking in tamil (except for when she gets drunk and becomes a Muniyamma). Jeeva and Srikanth fit their roles well and so does the supporting cast. The presence of Sherwanis in a Tamil wedding is explained and so is every minute detail.

If you have watched 3 Idiots, watch Nanban for the subtle and amusing changes and enjoy and if you haven't, Don't ever miss Nanban. 

To sum it all, A brilliant mix of colours supported with stunning background score makes 'Nanban' worth the money you spend on getting the ticket stub and not only are you assured for a jolly ride you are in for a visually powered comedy and emotional drama as well. Three cheers to 'Nanban' Team.

Rating: 3.5/5

Nanban - Aaaaaaal is well!

Varun Srinivasan

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