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By Behindwoods Visitor Chandragiri C
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Every cine site in India is posting something about this movie. I didn’t want to be one among those thousands of viewers/critics to write about it. But i couldn't resist posting some thing about this movie.

Rajini as Chitti (Version 1 Robo) has impressed me a lot than the professor or Robo (Version 2) . A lot of kids seems to be loving this character. I liked chitti to an extend that I started hating the Professor Rajini for sometime. In the process of pulling Aishwarya out of Chitti, Professor was too rude. I was able to understand the frustration/anger that Professor had, though. But sorry professor, I didn’t enjoy Kilimanjaro Song as it was right after you broke Chitti into pieces.

I think in the last 15 years, this is the one movie where Rajini didn’t have a boasting introduction. It was very normal, they just showed a common man working sincerely, tightening the screw for a robot. A large no of hard core fans may not have been able to whistle/scream or shower flowers. Introduction of Chitti was nice. Like a child, struggling to walk initially, walking normally, then walking stylishly. Even on the second week, family audiences were screaming when Chitti started to walk.

The first half was very interesting. A breezy romantic song, introduction of Chitti, funny/interesting dramas with Citti when he starts

moving with common world, Chitti starting to understand/have human feelings-Love/affection/anger/possessiveness. I liked everything in the first half, even the dialogues were well written. The movie started at 2:30, when the interval was announced, it was 4.00. The time just flew without my knowledge.

The second half was little lengthy with no of songs, but eventually it is equalized by the mind blowing Climax sequences.

I feel, literally every thing are good in this movie. A good story, interesting screenplay, dialogues, acting, songs, BG music, amazing CG/Animation works. One can see the efforts they put in all these departments.

I didn’t like their previous movie Sivaji much. I felt it’s wasn’t a proper Rajini movie or Shankar movie. They could have done a lot better than what they did in Sivaji.

But I totally enjoyed Endhiran. I think they have properly utilized Rajni’s mass power, Shankar/Sujatha’s creativity and Sun pictures money/marketing power to give a world class movie. It’s no myth that the movie has pulled in 300Crs in 3 weeks.

Rajini has worked hard and excelled in three different characters. Scientiest, Chitti V1, Chitti V2. He has come out of his star images to fit into the characters well.

I liked few quotes mentioned in an article came in The Hindu.

In the last scene of the movie, In the year 2035, the Robot would be kept in a museum, the school teacher would explain the students “This is the most intelligent human android Robot created so far. But they decided to dismantle it completely”. A school girl would ask “why?”. Suddenly the Robot would respond “ Because I started thinking”. And synonymously, the Rajini has come out of his image and volunteered himself to good stories, “Because the audience have started thinking”.

This would be a benchmark movie, setting new standards for Indian movie.

So far, I have watched it twice. I don’t think I will say no, even if someone asks me again. So, Are you coming with me?

Chandragiri C

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