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By Behindwoods Visitor Rajiv Nambiar
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If it were possible, I would have never written a review about Endhiran, simply because it was a movie featuring my superstar. I just felt that I was too small in his presence to discuss a movie featuring him, but since the movie has amassed such a massive reception both in and out of India, I decided that I just had to write one.

I watched Endhiran on the day it was released. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed with the outcome as what I expected was a Rajni film, instead what I got was a Shankar film made for Kamal that was improvised for Rajni. Not that the movie was bad, it’s just that I expected Rajni to have his usual style in it. Actually it was there; just that they were very different from what we are all so used to seeing.

A few days before the movie released, I wrote a
preview stating the amazing appeal that Rajini has accumulated over the years in this globalized world. From Japan to the USA, people worshiped and looked up to him. Acting in a film was not a personal achievement for him anymore but instead it has become a public requirement. We just love to see him on film.

After having watched the movie, I would still say the same. Let’s face it; you can never hate Rajini because I have always felt that he is one of us. Not some superhuman actor who commands a pay with a ridiculous amount of zeros in it. Then again it’s important to note that whilst it has been a huge achievement to create a movie on such a big scale, there are some fundamental issues that have to be addressed even before the creation of the film itself. It is my hope that Tamil films reach great heights and it is high time that the problems that have plagued it be addressed.

So now, let’s begin the review of the movie. For starters let’s look at the positives first.

Endhiran has set a very high precedent for movies that are to come. Every aspect of the movie has been handled by the best in the business. From the cinematography, music, actors, sound editing and even the director himself are biggies in the business. They are by far the dream cast for any actor to be a part of.

When you are doing a science fiction film, it is important to note that extreme detail has to be paid towards the special effects (for which a good job has been done).

My intentions in writing this note was to point out the fact that generally most Indian films lack the cutting edge in making a movie. Rajni sir happens to have a big following all over the globe. This movie should have been used by the crew to showcase Indian talent to the world. Instead what we did was to hire foreigners who are experts in the field to do the animation. Even then, the animation was not by 'their' standards 'World Class'. Just compare the 'assembled' robot of Chitti from the last scene of Endhiran to the ones which were showcased in Transformers. They were vastly different. One looked a little fake in broad daylight compared to the other which looked exceptionally real life. Both were made by the same company - Industrial Light & Magic.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that the film is bad. It was an extremely good film by Indian standards. No doubt about that. But I believe the Indian film industry should progress further beyond the boundaries set by their viewers. We should not only command the viewership of the Indians but instead we should also attract others to watch our films viz. the West. This feat could only be achieved if we match their technical prowess in making films. Everything else we have mastered dance, emotions, acting, singing etc.

But we have often lacked the cutting edge in making films. This was what distinguished us from the rest, or rather should I say extinguished us from the rest.

From the very simple aspect of handling a gun (holding, firing, loading) to the more complex tasks of detonating a bomb more work has to be done to make the appearance of the scene on screen flawless. Only then will our films and our own awards be recognizable worldwide.

Rajiv Nambiar

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