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Couldn’t refrain myself from writing about this movie. 

As in the movie’s title…so many colors spilled inside the movie. It’s up to the viewer to grasp them depending on his/her thirst for movies.

If you rate a movie based on entertainment then this provides a lot. 

Hold --- it depends on what you call being entertained.

5 fast paced songs…villain to kidnap the lead lady…aged comedian to support protagonist…2nd heroine to increase glamour quotient…if these are the bricks that add your entertainment wall…then please apologize Selvaraghavan (SR) for not having any of these.

Let’s travel with the crew and cast of the film…and will get back to SR…I promise.

The premise is about life of Karthik Swaminathan (Dhanush). Well…not the entire life…but just few years. But, the movie is gonna live in you and Tamil cinema for many years to come.

Reasonable amount of new faces…but you don’t feel the same when you get off the screen. They depict precisely what is required. Other words…SR has made them perform without any excuse on being perfect for every scene. It could be a shot to turn the head and stare…or just watch two other characters conversing…you do not feel cinematic…the supporting characters truly form as secondary pillars for the movie.

Pan to heroine and you ought to have a second look. Not that she’s so attractive…but thinking that how could SR zero-in on her for such a complex role? Aren’t there better looking and finer emoting ladies in the field? Well…you get answered for all this in the second half. Credit goes to SR and his finesse in direction - bravely casting her and bringing out more than a convincing performance on her Tamil debut. Good number of scenes for a heroine to raise her saree mundanai (collar).

On to the do not feel that they worked behind the scenes and are invisible…they rule their areas in every second of the movie. Be it cinematography…editing…BGM…sound mixing…VFX…coloring…choreography…costume (!).

Ramji has painstakingly painted each frame with his varied brush strokes (camera). There are numerous shots which make you travel in to the screen. Nuances of emotions…calmness of the waterfall…sharpness of sunlight…slowly sneaking love…bursting anger…unspeakable loss…all is captured at its best.

Kola Bhaskar’s editing couldn’t have been better. I tried till the last minute to find an unwanted scene/shot and failed. Nothing disturbs the flow and nothing missed on the travel. SR’s writing skills should have given a better base product for Bhaskar to start with.

VFX, mixing and coloring are devotedly performed…very difficult to notice them as an icing on the cake. The blend is near perfection. VFX on oda is decent. 

Choreography in fact wasn’t required for most songs - one more strength of SR to have songs boost up the movie and not hinder or deviate the viewer. Very few steps in Kaadhal yen kaadhal…reminds Pudupettai….still works for the beat.

One of the easily missed departments in SR’s movies (for that matter all most all Tamil movies) is costumes. Right from his Kaadhal kondein…to Mayakkam enna he has hardly overlooked his characters attire. Loose shirts for Dhanush in KK..Lungi for Ravi in 7G…White shirts in PP…Trisha/Nayan’s chudidhar/shirts in Aadavari Ma….Reema/Parthiepan/Andrea in AO…all shows his interest and hard work in this area too.
Dhanush looks very convincing on the young photographer role and a clever reason is his costume and accessories. 

Hold on…the above crew is just elephants and horses and pawns…the best is yet to come. Can there be anything better than elephants? Yes, in SR’s battle to entertain the audience he has….. Archery...! 

Why Archery???
It doesn’t kill you…but pierce and stay…pain improves…feeling bleeds…and when the instances increase…heaven is near.

1st Arrow –

G.V Prakash Kumar. Undoubtedly his best so far. 


A best music director knows when to stop playing and he has proved it in many scenes. Every pixel on the screen travels to you with profound music and hits your heart. Close your eyes and still can feel what the scene conveys.

Songs – 

If you still haven't listened to them and want me to comment on the songs...then stop reading this and listen first.

‘Illayaraja’ if converted to a title suits GV.

2nd Arrow –

Dhanush – he is not the second one…he is second to none. He proves it in every shot. Intense acting skill is not what you witness in him….but it’s Karthik Swaminathan. 

He gets in your skin n blood slowly with his eye movements…powerful stare…deep thought and composed feel. If the movie and Dhanush’s performance is to be taken as a single photo…he would stand in a balcony with his camera….and all other characters would be waving hands standing near the gate. So much he grows and stays in you - close and complete. 

With dialogue….. he acts..
With silence….he lives..!

Dhanush is proof for Selvaraghavan’s expertise to bring out performance. With very few scenes in the movie without Dhanush…it is very hard to get him out of your mind for few days at least.

Why did they give National award for Dhanush in Aadukalam? – many of my friends asked me this question. 
My answer was – Is Dhanush worth for a national award. If yes, then let him have it. 
Now, there is more proof to show. Yes, Mayakkam enna gives extra shine for the actor in him.

3rd Arrow (as promised getting back to SR) –

Last arrow. Brahmasthiram – the one…that is sure to kill you. Selvaraghavan.


Watch in theatre.


Thriller movies have unpredictable screenplay. How the hell did he come up with unpredictability and shrewd screenplay in such a life portraying movie? Almost until the last 15mins…you keep guessing scenes…

Even if you know the story…the scenes would glue you on the seats…you will not want to leave the characters anytime in the travel…

I might jump into the story and spill spoilers if I talk more on screenplay here…so just skipping as is….


Dialogues rather than being clever to show who the writer is…should fit the scene and support the story and that’s what you hear in ME. 

With SR…expect nothing less than reality and you won’t be disappointed.

There’s a scene between Karthik and Yamini (Richa) in the second half…where they converse so much...but you just won’t hear anything. Director’s words in that scene are proof of his dialogue writing.


Standing ovation …!

All the above said things…converge to this skill. 

K. Balachander writes personal appreciation letters when he loves something extremely great. If I am right, SR would get one such – very soon.

One special mention – Look out for close-up shots. After KB’s movies…experienced more close up shots in ME.

I have tried not to reveal anything about the story or important scene/twist in the movie. Apologize if you still noticed.

Innum tayakkam enna…?? Go….. get entertained….!


Kulandhai Selvam K

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