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A new duo gets into the elite list!

There are some director-music director combinations that arouse expectations & interest. Not surprisingly, quite a lot of them produce scintillating music every time they shake hands. Only rarely do such combinations fail. On top of such a list is Ilayaraja/AR Rahman – Mani Ratnam, AR Rahman – Shankar & there  are quite a few directors who team well with Yuvan. The tried and tested Gautham-Harris team is yet another example. The latest to join the elite list is Vijay-GV Prakash duo. Their latest offering is the album of ‘Deiva Thirumagan’. Looking at the promos and now with some beautiful songs, it is highly likely that the film is going to be a blast with Vikram at his best yet again. 

Before any further praises, the dissection of all the songs now begins: 

1. Kadha Solla Poren (Vikram, Kids)

This one, on the lines of Raja Chinna Rojavodu Kaatu Pakkam song will be children’s delight. With a pleasant guitar loop, some funny kiddish lines and a lively rendition by Vikram, the song is sure to hit the bull’s eye – the proverbial bull here being the kid in each of us. The grand interludes to depict a funny Raja story will demand some nice picturisation which, going by the lofty standards he has set with his picturisation of songs in Kireedom & Madrasapattinam, Vijay is sure to provide. 

2. Jagada Thom (SPB)

What starts off like a gloomy number gets its kick with a nice unusual beat and turns into a pretty inspiring motivational song. Who’s better than SPB to sing songs placed for such situations? The lyrics are passable. The highlight is the tune that repeats which SPB and the lady Maya sing together. The flute- humming mix in the middle is a nice fit. 

3. Vennilave (GV Prakash)

This song is touching and emotional thanks to an inspired singing performance by GV Prakash. Here’s one music director who doesn’t have an unusual voice and can pass off as an effective run-of-the-mill and not-so-peculiar singer. He seems to have taken cue from his uncle’s Anbendra Mazhayile but has delivered a pretty moving song at that. 

4. Vizhigalil oru Vaanavil (Saindhavi)

This is the staple GV Prakash melody of the album. He has been good in this genre of slow soliloquizing melodies and this is not much different. It is sure to be appealing. The beats have traces of Akkam Pakkam and the delivery of the song by his to-be-wife Saindhavi is to be appreciated. The laudably good intermediate flute and piano portions are reminiscent of Ilaiyaraja’s influence on modern composers. A particular tune that comes time and again reminds me of some famous Yuvan songs. 

5. Pa pa paa pa paa (Vikram)

Songs of this type come once in a blue moon. And when they come, they become instant pleasers. Full credits for GV Prakash for this mature composition that literally combines many instruments into a song of such a peculiar genre. Here again, he shows his brilliance in flute with yet another pleasant bit. Vikram , with his altered voice, is at his expressive best with this rendition and he seems to show his massive improvising skills in this area too! His effort is enjoyable. The amusing lyrics add to the fun and this is my pick of the album. 

6. Life is Beautiful (Theme)

There is a tune (a familiar one) that is first whistled. The same tune rendered with a flute makes one take notice. Then, the mother of all instruments, Violin plays the tune adding value to it. What follows next is thorough improvisation of the tune with a violin chorus and that takes the note to a higher pedestal. This theme music, if used at the right places in the film, is sure to add to the emotional effect. 

7. Aariro (Haricharan)

This is more or less a stereotype nonchalant melody that falls easy on the ears. The song starts off on a soft piano note and slowly gathers momentum to reach its high point at a high pitched note. The tabala flute medley in the middle is classy and bears resemblance to a similar note in the all famous Kannukku Maiyazhagu song. The singing of Haricharan would be best described as a dedicated effort. 

With variety within a periphery, the album looks neatly poised to bring the apt feeling that the film is expected to evoke. Yet again, with a versatile show GV Prakash shows his calibre in giving different but winnable tunes for differently winnable genres of films. The combo has given album that would more than satisfy expectations after all!


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