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Music Review : Priyasakhi

Bharathwaj continues his innings with melody and proves himself once again with Priyasakhi. He has teamed up with both renowned and fresh voices for ‘Priyasakhi’


There are almost no fast numbers, which speaks of the director Adhiyaman. There are all a mix of classical mixed with some carnatic touch. With slow hearing, they are sure to make an impression.

1) Kangalinaal (Harish Ragavendra, Janani Bharadwaj)
This is one song with a little bit of beat and dance. Janani none other than Bharadwaj’s daughter , who seems to have a fresh voice with Harish Ragavendra its rare to hear harish on a duet and hew does it well. The guitar on the background gives a better effect to the ear.

2) Priyasakhi (Srinivas, Anuradha Sriram)
This song should be the hit among the others. Bearing the movie’s name in the pallavi and ung by 2 potent sings, its worth the continuous hearing. Its long time since Srinivas was heard and with this he seems to bridge the gap. With anuradha Srram giving him support, the song appeals even more.

3) Mudhal Mudhal (Uma Mageswaran)
Another new singer to the field, Uma Mageshwaran. At times seems to resemble Hariharan.. With good numbers to follow him, he sure does have a chance to sustain. The song belongs to the soft , romantic type.Noi loud instruments anywhere.

4) Chinna Maharani (Hariharan)
The song is seems to resemble some popular Bollywood number. And the lyric says it’s a very sentimental song. Hariharan doesn’t seem to have strained at all. The song starts slowly and picks up momentum slowly,

5) Anbu Alaipayudhae (Unni Krishnan, Karthik, Reshmi)
a very long time sice we have heard Unni Krishnan’s voice. A perfect fusion of carnatic and western along with Reshmi’s humming. This song too will catch on to the audience quite well.

6) Mudhal Mudhal(Chitra)
it’s the female version of Uma Mageshearan’s. no comments on Chitra’s rendering. She still has the stuff to keep going on the whole, not a box office musical but worth a listening
On the whole not on the genre of Gemini, but will take time to reach out. © 2004 ; For advertising contact