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Movie Review : Priyasakhi

Banner: Sri Rajalakshmi films

Cast: Madhavan, Sada, Aishwarya, Prathap Pothan, RameshKanna, Mano Bala, Master Surya, Raja Lakshmi, Sri Ranjani, Gayathri and Lakshmi.

Music: Bharathwaj

Producer: P.L.Thennapan

Director: K.S.Adhiyaman


Adhiyaman is back in Tamil with Priyasakhi starring Madhavan as the protagonist and Sada his ladylove. This romantic film is not just about love and also about life after marriage. Though it’s the old ‘different culture and divorce’ formula, the chemistry between Madhavan and Sada gives the film an attractive look.

Sakhi(Madhavan) works in an automobile industry who lives with his culture-feared family comprising of his parents, brother,sister-in law, and sister. He goes to Dubai for a project where he meets Sada, a modern hip-hop student and falls in love with her. His proposal is accepted by Sada which ends up in their marriage.

Sada, daughter of Prathap Pothan and Ishwarya, finds it difficult to cope up with the culture followed by her in-laws. This leads to dispute between the couple which ends up in divorce, but not before Sada is pregnant. The rest of the story is all predictable.

Madhavan who is going through a rough patch in his career has performed well as a typical lover, dutiful husband and a loving father. His body language, dialogue pronunciation adds craze to the character. After Edhiri, Sada is teaming up with Madhavan and has done an appreciable role. Her character as the angry wife suits her well than the girl in love with Madhavan.

Ishwarya as Sada’s mother is impressive. Prathap Pothan, Kovai Sarala, Ramesh Kaanna and others have performed well giving credit to their roles.

Sethu Sriram’s camerawork adds gloss to the film by capturing the landmarks of Dubai and the greenery Ooty. Priyasakhi and Kangalinnal songs are the memorable melodies and the other tunes composed by Bharathwaj are not appealing.

K.S.Adhiyaman has not done anything new in his story and screenplay, but his characterization of roles is awesome.

Bottomline: Nothing new but entertaining.

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