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Music Review : Ponniyin Selvan

Vidhyasagar – the renowned music director of Chandramukhi has scored the music. So, the hype is more b’coz he is returning after a mega hit for which his music has played a major role. The album has totally six songs which is a mix of western beats, melody and peppy songs in his own style.


1) Do Re Me: (Kunal, Arjun, Benny)
A typical western song sung by three youngsters which would certainly entertain the youths. Singer Arjun who has a voice similar to Udit Narayanan has a bright future. The song would attract the disco crowd.

2) Kadhal Poonga: (Udit Narayanan, Sujatha)
A flashy song! The highlight of the song is the voice of Udit Narayanan. His typical energetic voice is heard all through. Sujatha, the female lad(who has already has paired with him for kokkara kokkarako of Ghilli) done justice to the song. The way in which Vidhyasagar has done the orchestration gets a special applause.

3) Kola Koalya: ( Kaykay, Sujatha)
A typical gana song! Sujatha, known for her melodious voice comes up with a surprise and it is really doing well. KK has sung the song in his own style without poising any difficulty. The use of musical instruments has added to the beauty of the song.

4) Vennila: (Cicily, Harish Ragavendra)
A soft melody song for which the new-comer Cicily had shown ease. Harish as usually has done a good job. The tune, though it is good, remembers his own song in Dhool. But, it will surely attract the audience.

5) Siruthooral: (Srinivas, Sadhana Sargam)
Another melody song in the album. The fresh voice of Srinivas and the sweet voice of Sadhana Sargam is a plus to the song. The recording could have been still better but still it is good.

6) Thachukko: ( Anuradha Sriram. Mathangi)
A peppy song for dancers in the theatre! If, the dance movements are good, then the song would hit the charts of this year. The song has resemblance of Radhai Mandhu in Snekitheae. Anuradha Sriram starts in high pitch and continues the flow till the end of the song. Madhangi along with Anuradha has added tremendous energy to the song. © 2004 ; For advertising contact