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 Music Review : Chinna

“Sundar.c always believes in persons, who he had already worked with”

Chinna`s musical part has been scored by D.Imman, who had already worked with Sundar.C in his previous films ThakaThimiTha and Giri.

When it’s a Sundar.C film it’s obvious that the film has racy numbers.

The album contains five songs namely:  

1. Tholaidoora Nilave – sung by D.Imman himself has given a shocking start for the album. The song is high-pitched and westernized with Imman trying his best to cope up his voice along the song. When this kind of song seems to be a hit then it’s obvious that globalization has touched music industry too.

2. Bailare Bailare- sung by Sunitha Sarathy makes you vibrate. Sunitha does have that power in her voice no one can deny that. If you are looking a song that would make you head bang perhaps this song is your right choice. The instrumentation is sustained and the momentum is maintained all through

3. Kalangathaley-sung by K.K and Anuradha Sriram is supposed to be a folk number. This folk number is accompanied by a western rap in between, which is common in this globalized music industry. K.K and Anuradha had done a brilliant job on their part and Imman too.

4. Osthara Pilisthunara-sung by Karthik,Devan,Ranjith seems to be voice mixture. At the end of you may remember a song from Giri, but Imman has tried all his level to give new version. Karthik once again makes his mark.

5. Yaro Yaro- sung by legend S.P.Balasubramaniam is a definite melody. This soft number sans any thundering and loud music is unlike other numbers in the album. The song provides a different relief to the whole album

The lyrics of the songs were written by, Palani Bharathy, Pa.Vijay and Mano. – Still Tamil youth loves Tamil.

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