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Philosophy in film songs of Kannadasan


Article By : Ramaa
Location : Chennai
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When there is darkness in our lives as at times of extreme stress, we look for some succour. Loss of a loved one or a cherished treasure brings in its wake a rude awakening that life is so unstable. For the religious minded, there is the solace in God. For others who are not avidly spiritual, there is hope only from sane and comforting words of a true philosopher. Our society always lays stress on the power of destiny. Whatever is ordained by Providence will happen against all human efforts. Therefore, we must have a humble and conciliatory approach in life. This is the profound teaching of every great religion of our country. This simple message has been taken to generations of people through the beautiful poetry of Kannadasan.His Arthamulla Hindumadham discusses the various strands thought and the audio
discourse is a real treat to the listeners. Yet, in films also he brought the same weight of philosophical thought in simple verses. Take the song from the film, Padha kanikkai. It runs Veedu varai uravu, veedhi varai manaivi, kadu varai pillai, kadaisi varai yaro? - what spectacular effort in catching the ephemeral nature of human life. Your relatives mourn your death at home, your wife stands at the gate while you depart, your son cremates you but who stands for you till the end? - it can be none other than God. It mesmerized the audience and we can acknowledge that Kannadasan was indeed a great philosopher. Similarly, in another song, he says, paruvam vandha anaivarum kadhal kolvadhillai, kadhal konda anaivarum kai pidippadhillai, kai pidithu anaivarum serndhu vazhvadhillai, serndhu vazhum anaivarum serndhu povadhillai. This song reminds us that the love we feel for people around us is nothing but Maya or illusion. The inner soul is

the eternal one and it always journeys alone. Therefore, the importance of physical attraction should be limited in our lives. One could be called anachronistic in these times of puppy love and mush love stories helped by SMS, email, chatting etc. It will be good to remember that Kannadasan himself has written beautiful love songs but he gave us the right perspective. © 2004 ; For advertising contact