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A few excerpts of the chat with the crew of Ghajini



Hero Surya:

The character of Sanjay Ramasamy appealed to me intuitively and the widely different portrayals for the character made it very challenging for me. I have really learnt a great deal in this film. I am also very happy with the strong production values for the film and I am sure it will be just as talked about as my Kakka Kakka. I became a great fan of Murugadas after watching his Ramana. I am indeed very fortunate to work under him. His perfectionism is breathtaking. For the climax action sequence, we shot for 14 days under the guidance of Kanal Kannan master. One has not had such an action scene so far. Ghajini will be a winner no doubt.

Director A R Murugadas:

I told the story to 12 heroes but none of them agreed. Surya was the 13th hero and he immediately said yes. This is my third film after Dina and Ramana. I have a strong belief in my script. Surya also shared the conviction. Dina and Ramana were different from each other and Ghajini is on a totally new plane. Surya has lived the character and blended well with it. I must also mention the awesome talent of the heroines Asin and Nayantara. Their professionalism and dedication is out of the world. I am very sure that Ghajini will be a winner all the way. I directed the Telugu remake of Ramana and it ran well. Therefore, superstar Chiranjeevi wanted me to direct a film for him. I have agreed to do the film only after proving that my success in Tamil is not a flash in the pan. Ghajini is my offering to the Tamil audience and I am positive that they will like it too.

Producer Salem A Chandrasekaran:

I have not spared any amount in making this film a gigantic offering to the audience. For a few scenes, I had requested special equipment from Mumbai. The daily rentals for these ran to a few lakh rupees. I am sure this film will be spoken of in the league of great blockbusters. I also believe that this film will open new vistas for me as a producer. The audio cassettes have done brisk business and the film will be released shortly. The entire crew has given cent percent contribution in making the film glorious. It should appeal to both the masses and the classes. © 2004 ; For advertising contact