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Rajinkanth's Thillu Mullu :You will shine as an actor in your life

K. Balachandar had directed numerous movies,and each piece is of a special kind. He had used comedian Nagesh as a protagonist and directed hit movies such as Server Sundram and Ethir Neechal. But, Thillu Mullu was absolutely different one. The great action hero, Rajinikanth was asked to act in a comedy movie and he proved that performing a comedy role was a cake walk for him


Rajinikanth (Chandran), an unemployed youth gets a job in Thengai Sreenivasan’s company. In order to retain his job, he lies to his boss that he has a brother named Indhran and as a result he works in the office as Chandran with mustache, and teaches music to Sreenivasan’s daughter as Indran without Mustache. The revealing and escape of the plot forms the crux of the story.

Rajinikanth was perfect in the comedy role and his pronunciation of dialogues added gloss to the role. K.Balachandar was able to foresee the potential of Rajinikanth and the movie included a dialogue being spoken by Poornam Viswanathan in praise of Rajinikanth. The dialogue is “ You will shine as an actor in your life”. Nagesh acted in the movie as, actor Nagesh himself. He will give the idea of using mustache to deceivel Thengai Sreenivasan.

Madhavi acted as the ladylove of Rajinikanth while Thengai Sreenivasan acted as her father. Thengai Sreenivasan’s acting was good as one who gets flattered by all the lies spoken by Rajinikanth. Poornam Viswanathan as a doctor and the guardian of Rajinikanth acted well. Sowkar Janaki acted as the mother of Rajinikanth in the movie and her acting was outstanding. Kamalahasan and Prathap Pothan acted in the guest roles as a fake lawyer and policeman respectively.

The movie was a big hit and portrayed comedy as the strength of Rajinikanth. The screenplay and dialogue writer Visu, utilized the given opportunity and proved his witty intelligence timely

M.S. Viswanathan was the music director while Kannadasan penned the lyrics for the songs. The movie included four songs and they were Thillu Mullu, Raagangal Pathinaaru, Thangangaley Thambingaley and Andha Neram. The singers in the movie were S.P.B, Malaysia Vasudevan and Vani Jayaram. In the song Thangangaley Thambingaley Rajini acted like M.G.R, Shivaji Ganesan and M.R. Radha.

K. Balachandar succeeded in giving a vivacious, entertaining and amusing movie. His story creating ability was apparent through this movie. The movie was produced under the banner Kalakendra. Thereafter many movies were on the rampage, in this subject and are still being released. © 2004 ; For advertising contact