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Classical Movie: KB'sSindu Bhairavi

   This is an important film in the careers of KB and Ilayaraja. Ilayaraja had been known to be the master of rustic, folksy tunes and his remarkable genius with classical music was brought to the fore by the matchless KB. It was also the first film which touched upon the importance of Tamil in the conventional, classical music realm. Ilayaraja showed the musical prowess of ethnic Tamil songs by including genres like thalattu, kavadi sindhu, kavidhaippattu etc.


   The story revolves around the turbulent life of a Carnatic vocalist, JKB, whose only passion is music. KB’s greatest strength is the finesse with which he etches each character. Here too, the entire ambience of the world around JKB is brought out in a realistic manner. The body language of the musician and the accompanists like the mridangam vidwan(Delhi Ganesh) or tampura(Janakaraj) and the unique, clubby milieu of the musicians gives an insider view. Sindu, the young woman shares the same enthusiasm for music and after initial diffidence, JKB accepts her point of view.
   Their friendship deepens and when their relationship touches a new high, troubles crop up. She decides to move away from JKB for which he does not relent. When she does tear away, he finds himself lost and unable to concentrate on his music. Enter the villains who desecrate his stature by enticing him to alcohol. His patient wife, Bhairavi puts up a brave front and finally acts as the sane voice in the sentimental climax. The barren Bhairavi acknowledges the love child of Sindu and JKB. JKB resumes his musical journey.

   Sivakumar as JKB brought out the role with great dignity and in the sequences which showed him as drunk, he literally made us cry. Suhasini Mani Ratnam as Sindu made a powerful performance and her transformation from the chirpy girl to the mature woman who knows the secret of her past was effortless. She won the National award for the film. Others in the cast like the baby-faced Sulakshana as Bhairavi, Delhi Ganesh and Janakaraj gave good support.
   Music is the center piece of the film and no wonder it is also its crowning glory. The grand amalgamation of classicism with mass appeal was achieved by Ilayaraja. The several jugalbandis wherein classical ragas in movie songs are played take their origin from this film. Chitra's voice stormed onto the Tamil scene with this film and she won several accolades. K.J. Jesudas' sonorous voice fitted Sivakumar like a T.
Small vignettes like the musically talented car driver played by Kavithalaya Krishnan and his superiority over his master the respected Judge played by Raghavendar provided subtle humor. Raghavendar’s mimicking of different stars was memorable.

The film’s main message was that music is for everyone if only we had the patience to acquire it.

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