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The three time national award winner, Kamalahaasan, called as Ulaganayagan, is well known for coming up with astonishing roles in films of all genres. At the age of six he was introduced as a child artist in Kalathoor Kannama. Reverently passionate about movies, he has acted in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and off late in Kannada films. He won national awards for the films Moonram Pirai, Nayagan and Indian. Seven of his movies have been sent by the Indian officials for the Oscar award. He was awarded Padhmashree for his achievements and contributions to the Tamil film industry. Not only is he an extraordinary actor but also a great director, producer, singer and a very good writer. His present projects include Vettaiyadu Vilayadu directed by Gowtham Menon and a Kannada film directed by Ramesh Arvindh. He is the first actor to turn his fan clubs into service organization. © 2004 ; For advertising contact