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      Jana:A first look.

Thamarapadi in Coimbatore district is where the story starts. Ajith (Jana) is the one and only man in the village to question the atrocities of any sort. Jana fights for the people and villagers just love him. It’s really refreshing to see Ajith in traditional wear during the first half. First half is out and out Ajith’s entertainer. For some reason the story doesn’t start till the interval, but well anyone who has seen Tamil movies previously can make hands down guess till the climax.

Radha Ravi is a wealthy peasant and is a sycophantic to the local MLA (Vinu Chakravarthy) who do all things wrong for the villagers. Manimeghala (Sneha) is Radha Ravi’s daughter comes for break from Mumbai.Sneha falls in for Jana. She fells for his mannerism his rapport with the villagers; Jana is no man for romance. Meanwhile screenplay of the movie flashes images of Ajith in an urban environment, no wonder you guessed it. Jana has a flash back. Jana was a sort of ‘dada’ in Bombay. He was a prodigy in school and reformist or whatever during night in the streets. He hails from a good family. During one of his encounters with anti-social elements he kills Riaz Khan.Riaz’s brother (Siddique) woos to take revenge for Jana’s action, kills everyone in Jana’s family. Jana forms a one-man army and film ends with a predictable climax. Delhi Ganesh as Jana’s uncle excels. Sneha,where did you go in the second half? The main drawback of the story is that it never converges, first half finishes abruptly. There is no link between the pre and post interval show. Dheena didn’t come up with another ‘manmadha rasa’, tunes are average. Jana reminds Rajini Kanth’s ‘Baasha’ at times. Ajith sparkles, he seems fit, his body language is just too good not to be noticed. Jana is nothing new except a different on screen looks of Ajith. Jana is worth one time watch for a normal cinegoer and more than once for AJITHians.