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AE Review

Surya : Dashing ; Madhavan : Wild ; Siddharth : Cool ;

Esha Deol : Refreshing ; Meera Jasmine : Strong ; Trisha : Chirpy

Bharathi Raja : Second Innings.

Vikram Dharma : Thumping.

Sabu Cyril : Artistic.

Vairamuthu : Speechless.

Sujatha : Casual.

A.R.Rahman : Magical score.

Ravi K Chandran : Superlative.

Manirathnam : Setting standards.

Concept : “Its high time the youngsters take over the political system”

Ravi K Chandran’s camera again takes us through the horrendous shoot out at the Napier bridge and then through Michael’s flashback. Michael, recipient of a highly acclaimed American scholarship, forgoes it for the ultimate aim of his life, to clean up the political setup of the country. This leads to a series of conflicts with the MLA. Geetanjali, a French teacher is madly in love with him.

Fate thrusts three totally different youngsters together and changes their lives forever. Arjun dramatically saves Michael, and how the good (Michael and Arjun) team up, to destroy the bad (Inba), forms the story.   

 Mani Ratnam has to be appreciated on his effort to convey a strong message to the youngsters, that if they aren’t going to take care of the country, no one will. Michael is the  manifestation of anger; the director has against the political system. The mistake he did was to interleave this message with the narration of three different characters. He tries to show the younger generation, three different stratums lying within them. If he had cut short the character sketching of the three protagonists, to emphatically convey his message, the movie would have been more convincing. None the less, movies like Ayaitha Ezhuthu have to be encouraged for the attempt taken to depict a different style of film making.