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"Bose" Review:

Lover boy Srikanth smashes enemies as a NSG Commando in this action film...

The film starts off as a minister is kidnapped by terrorists who demand the release of their fellow mates imprisoned by the Indian government. A conference is held and the terrorists demand are accepted. Meanwhile, a covert operation held by the NSG Commandos incapacitates the terrorists and saves the minister. The leader of the Commando team is "Bose".

Srikanth, who had his debut in the movie "Rojakootam" as a soft loveable hero, spurs in the movie as a macho Commando "Bose", whose mission is to destroy bad guys who come in his way. His dedication towards his role is very impressive and his on screen chemistry with actress Sneha continues with this movie as she plays his lady love.

The minister whom Bose rescues is Kottaiperumal played by Kalabavan Mani. Like most corrupt politicians he too has a nice face to the public and a bad ego behind that face. Bose is appointed as the black cat security guard to Kottaiperumal. One day when Kottaiperumal tries to rape a dancer Charulatha played by Sneha, Bose comes to the rescue. In a gun fight that follows, Bose shoots the minister and saves Charulatha.

Bose was court marshaled and removed from the duty. He returns home dejected, only to find him falling in love with the girl whom he saved. Meanwhile Kottaiperumal who is at the Delhi hospital, wants to avenge Bose and sends his local goon squads in Chennai after him. Bose' training as a Commando comes handy as he easily blows of the goon leader. Kottaiperumal wants another goon to do the job, and he too is wasted by one of Bose' bullets. Kottaiperumal wants to finish off Bose personally and comes to Chennai.

The rest of the battle fought between Bose and Kottaiperumal is the rest of the story.

Director of the movie Senthil Kumar has given us a splendid action movie, but every movie has its weak spot.

The introduction of the movie is very good, as the Commando's fly off to fight the terrorists. One can surely see a movie with the reputation of a Hollywood movie in that starting phase, but our deductions are wasted as the commandos began to shoot at the terrorists hiding inside a building without even caring to cover their hoods, which bring us back to the Tamil cinema land.

Another point is that, in a real military operation, nobody leaves the body of their dead soldiers to their enemies as they do in this movie.

Another one is the key point handled by the director. The "Headshot" as told by commander. One may laugh at the scene as the commander speaks to Bose, that shooting in the head is known only to five people through out India and in Tamil Nadu it is known only to Bose and him.

The first half of the movie is good, and takes phase with decent action, but the story line sags in the second half of the movie, as unnecessary violence is let loose on the goon squad. It was a tragic comedy, when the goon leader chases Bose to an over bridge and gets shot in his head by Bose, after completing his comical dance with a weapon.

Another minus in the movie is the logic which is handled by the director. Charulatha (Sneha) does  tell  Bose' family about the tussle which took place in the minister's house. But in the climax the same Bose' family asking shelter from the minister is too stupid to see.

The music is not the kind which is expected from Yuvan Shankar Raja. Though the cinematic in one or two songs looks good. Srikanth is the plus for the movie. His body language and his physique does speak action language.

The movie is produced by Sri Mahalakshmi Combines.

Other casts in the movie include singer Manika Vinayagam as Srikanth's Police father, "Thalaivasal" Vijay as an MLA, Nagesh as an veteran solider from Nethaji's army and many more.

One can watch the movie for Srikanth.