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Monday, January 17th, 2005

Director Hari who has given hit films like Saamy, Arul, Kovil has joined hands with Sarath Kumar in Ayyaa. Sarath Kumar is brilliant in his dual role as father and son.

The director has presented the story with no villains, vulgarity, and crude commercial elements. Eventhough these types of films have come already, Hari’s screen play is what makes this film totally different from the others. Here only, the talent of a good director like Hari comes into light.

Ayyaa is a story of an elderly man fighting for the cause of the village and the problems that he faces during his venture. Ayyadurai (Sarath Kumar) and Madaswamy (Napolean) are close friends who live in a village called Ambasamudram, Tenkasi. The story starts in the year 1971, when a famine attacks the village. During this time, Ayyadurai helps the people overcome the famine. After that Ayyaturai is unanimously elected as an independent MLA and he continues to help the people.

Karuppusamy (Prakash Raj), son of the MLA murdered by Ayyathurai for smuggling rice during the famine, wants to take revenge on Ayyathurai. Chellathurai (junior Sarath Kumar), son of Ayyathurai, wins the hearts of people through his good deeds. He acts as a body guard for his father against Karuppusamy.

When Madasamy's daughter Selvi (Nayantara) falls in love with Chellathurai and their wedding gets arranged, Karuppasamy does some tricks and stops the marriage. He also separates Ayyadurai and Madaswamy. The rest of the film is all about the father and son trying to bring back peace between both the families and also changing Karuppuswamy into a good person in a totally non-violent manner.

The Ayya character has been carved out of Kamaraj, one of the finest politician and do-gooder of Tamilnadu. It is Sarath Kumar eighth dual role but Ayyaa will remain his career best.

The others in the cast are Lakshmi, Rohini, Gandhimathi, Sindhu, and Raj Kapoor who have performed well. Prakash Raj as Karuppuswamy reworks his Ghilli role while Nayantara has made a sensational debut in Tamil. She has a mature face, looks pretty and confident and she is sure making it big in the Tamil cine field.
The only drawback in the movie is Vadivelu's comedy that at times goes very flat. Playing a theatre owner Karasingam (Vadivelu) tries desperately to evoke laughter.

The film is produced by Kavithalaya for which Ayya appears to be a hit film. Priyan’s camera has handled the camera well and it has gone all over the greenery of Ambasamudram with all its hills and meadows. Bharadwaj’s melodious music is an added attraction in the film especially the “Oru Vaartha Solla… and other numbers.
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