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Anniyan - Review

By Ramaa

Location : Chennai

Hats off to Shankar for pulling off another blaster. He has proved his mettle in touching the craving of ordinary folks like you and me for a better deal in our society. He has maintained the trend of extraordinary feats performed by seemingly meek persons a la Kicha in Gentleman and the granddaddy in Indian. Here it is Anniyan who brandishes his own form of punishment for all the wrongdoers.

The film opens with a bhajan procession in which Ambi(Vikram no.1) appears complete with a tuft and sinduram. He is a lawyer called Rules Ramanujam. He is idealistic and wants everyone to be law-abiding citizens. But he is helpless in the face of rampant misdeeds in all aspects of our lives. His childhood sweetheart Nandini(Sadha) is a medical college student who turns down his love. This enrages Ambi who transforms into Remo(Vikram no. 2), the dapper guy with stylish manners with whom Sadha romances. Meanwhile, there are incidents galore such as a catering contractor who serves poisoned food, a manufacturer of spurious spares and an uncaring driver who refuses to help in an emergency. Now, this rouses Anniyan(Vikram no. 3) who goes about systematically eliminating the villains. Prakashraj plays the cop deputed to trace Anniyan and Vivek is his assistant. The click is in the climax and it is very interesting.

Vikram has not let the audience down and has come up with a thumbs up performance. Whether as the simple Ambi or the marauding Anniyan, he has virtually lived the characters. Keep it up, Vikram. Sadha comes up with an appealing portrayal and has worked with dedication. Prakashraj and Vivek are past masters in comedy and the combination will tickle the funny bone.

Shankar must be commended for his impressive narrative. Although the scenes of revenge with lavish backdrop like snake farm or boiling oil vats etc. are blood-curdling they bring out the frustration in the character to the fore. Music is the film’s biggest plus as are Vairamuthu’s lyrics. Cinematography especially in the tulip gardens is sheer poetry. Stunt scenes have been choreographed well although the scale could have been slightly reduced. Sujatha’s dialogues pack enough punch and add dignity to the story.

A good entertainer and worth the money.