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Thanker Bacchan rubs artistes the wrong way
August 29, 2005
Thankar Bacchan is known as a magician with the camera. His sensitivity in story-telling is remarkable. Yet, the same sense of empathy does not seem to stand with him in real life. He had finished shooting for his first venture
as hero titled Chidambarathil oru Appasamy. As is his wont, there was much hype during the making of the film. Thankar is known to be a vocal person. On one occasion, he had cast aspersions on one of his co-stars. She put up the matter to the Film Actors’ Guild which has promptly called for a token strike today in solidarity with her. Besides, all the post-production work for the film like dubbing, effects, background score etc. have come to a complete standstill. Worried about the fate of his film, Thankar gave an unconditional apology following which the strike has been withdrawn. Once bitten, twice shy. Remember Thankar’s earlier spat with the PMK boss, Ramadoss?

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