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  Rocking Raja
July 9, 2005

Ilayaraja is truly legendary for his talent in music has spanned several genres. He has made the transition to find spirituality in music which is the destination for all great musicians. The special thing about Raja is that he had had no formal training in classical music and his genius flowered with painstaking dedication. He had been lying low with the new trend of aggression overtaking music in filmdom. His latest audio release of Thiruvasagam has been a resounding success. He has been choosy about his film assignments. At present they are – Balu Mahendra’s Adhu oru kanakkalam, Fazil’s Oru naal oru kanavu, Thankar Bachan’s Chidambarathil oru appasamy and Lohitadas’ Kasturiman. He has also committed for 2 yet-to-be-titled Telugu films. Considering the reputation of the directors, it can be expected that we will be hearing more of Raja’s inimitable music once again. Oh, how much we would love to!


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