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Music Review : Totti Jaya

Harris Jeyaraj – the most spoken music director next to A.R.Rehman in the industry has handled the music in this film starring Simbu and Gopika in the lead. The musician of this current era returns back after the two consecutive successes Anniyan and Ullam Kektumae.

So, automatically the anticipation is more from the audience and Harris has proved once again in his own style. The album with six songs is altogether a mix of variety of music.

1) Achu Vellam: (Ranjith, Saindhavi, Shankar Mahadevan)
A frisky song! This would be the most spoken song of the album. The start given to the song by Shankar Mahadevan is simply fabulous. The song flows in the same speed from the start to the end and the resonance is inspired by Punjabi Bhangra. Saindhavi lends her full support along with Shankar and the lyrics are also catchy.

2) Jaari Singarai: (Ceylon Manohar, Karthik, Srilekha, Sriram Parthsarathy)
A fast song! Be ready to dance and the music is scored in that way for this song. The song is full of fun and speed. Remember Ceylon Manohar (of Surangkani fame), the voice is same as it was in the 70’s. He has added life to the song. The use of instruments is an added beauty,

3) Thotta Power: (Shankar Mahadevan)
A heroic song! Shankar’s second song in the album. The lyrics are written in such a way to exalt the hero. Shankar has sung a lot of songs in this kind and it is very simple for him. The tune is something different and unheard from Harris ever before.

4) Uyire En Uyire: (Anuradha Sriram, Bombay Jayashree, Karthik)
A melody! The lively voice of Anuradha and Bombay Jayashree come together, so what else you want in this song. A special applause to Harris orchestration. The soft music keeps you murmuring Uyire En Uyire. Karthik is the exact match for the song and he fits exactly. A pleasant song for a peaceful sleep!

5) Yaaridamum: (Harini, Ramesh Vinayagam)
A silky song! Ramesh Vinayagam, the music director has lent his voice to this song which is to be noted. This also has a lot of energy which is a kind of nuanced melody. Harini’s sweet voice has done the magic once again. The song might remind you that Harris is from Rehman’s school. It is expected to create a buzz.

On, the whole a fantastic album for a action packed film! © 2004 ; For advertising contact