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Music Review : Sathurangam

Vidhyasagar has composed the music. It is totally different from the fast numbers he has been churning out of late. With "Sathurangam" he has got back to his melody base. The movie starring Srikanth and Sonia Agarwal and directed by Karu Palaniappan, is his second project with the talented director who got the best out of him in Parthiban Kanavu.

1)Aduvomae: (Manickam Vinayakam)
One of the main highlights of the album is poet Bharathiyar's Aaduvomae Pallu Paduvomae song, rendered by the sharp-toned Manickam Vinayakam. The song is said to have motivated the film's theme. And naturally it is racy and catchy. Manickam Vinayagam gives it a husky inflexion and adds lot of energy to it.

2) Vizhiyum Vizhiyum: (Madhu Balakrishnan and Harini)
The Vizhiyum Vizhiyum song by Harini and Bonny, the first number in the audio album, starts things off on a pacy note. But Harini, you understand, is capable of better things. She is good. But she is also passive.

3) Ambulimama: (KK and Sujatha)
The first word reminds you of the song in Perazhagan. It is an enjoyable duet. The two singers mix seamlessly. The duo show good command over the essential craft and the result is a good number.

4) Engae Engae: (Karthik and Timmy)
The song is nice and straight. The two singers don’t experiment much as they stick to their basics and churn out a song which is good. But it could have also been better if they had chosen to innovate and improvise.

5) Ennai Thanthiduvaen: (Karthik, Charan and Srilekha Parthasarathy)
A melodious one! This song is featured prominently in the trailers and is creating a big buzz. Karthik acquits himself creditably. Charan and Srilekha too look to be in their elements.

6) Ennenna Pidikkum: (Sunita Sarathy)
A jazzy number which introduces the heroine. Sunita’s voice is simply superb
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