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Arindhum Ariyaamalum Audio Review

By Deepak Lakshmanan

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Nothing is sweeter than an unexpected surprise. There are times when you pick up something not expecting anything, but only out of a hunch. It happened earlier in the case of Thulluvadho Illamai and now, another movie set in a similar genre also
gets boosted thanks to the incredibly talented YSR, who has had a green patch for quite some time now.

That, in a nutshell, sums up my feeling after listening to Arindhum Ariyamalum. A movie with newcomers set in a young & urbane setting, and pretty much looking like yet another skin-chick flick from the stills. The similarity to Thulluvadho Illamai does not stop by YSR, although very catchy and likeable, and exhibiting proof of his versatility, also leads us to some heard-it-before-somewhere thoughts.

Here's a brief review of the 5 tracks…
1, Konjam Konjam
Maheeva, Kammat.

YSR is perhaps second only to ARR, in using new and fresh singers and the tradition continues in AA as well. Its logical to assume that the job is half-done when we hear a different voice in each film; a fresh tone augments the enjoying process of a song. Here, Maheeva croons sensually to the accompaniment of Kammat and chorus; setting the mood for a slow romantic number right away; it slowly grows on you and the lovely flute bits and Spanish interludes nicely complement the song. Great number overall.

2, Yen Kannodu
Yuvan Shankar Raja, Nithis Gopalan
...Starting off rite away with Arabic phrases, this number bears strong resemblances to YSR's earlier techno-scores like 18 vayadhil The violin bits
preceding the paragraphs and the accompanying music in the 2nd paragraphs are nicely orchestrated, overall giving the song the impression of a fast peppy instrumental with intermitting lyrics.

3, Thee Pidika
Anushka, Premji
...The Sound engineering in this song grabs one's attention rite away..listen carefully to hear the sound of the needle constantly creaking on the gramophone record playing the old track...starting out with an oldie Kaamamum Kobamum Ullam
Nerambavae; the blend into the husky vocals of Anushka seems a bit forced; and piques one's curiosity as to why the old number is used. That I guess will have to wait for the movie's release. The English lyrics give the impression of a hot

sexy number, and the dhabban - kuthu beats that remix the old number are instantly foot-tapping. Overall, a song that covers many generations in one mix.

4, Yela Yela
Ranjith, Sujatha
...This number starts out sounding exactly like ARR's Cyclist Rhythm from Meenaxii, and then transforms into a folks song with nice beats; but overall does not impress a lot. It sure carries some creative use of instruments though, and would perhaps sound better with imaginative choreography and picturization.

5, Sil Sil
Sathyan, Chinmayee
...This catchy number completes the already impressive album. Again set to folk beats, and starting intuitively with raindrops in the background, this song is foot-tapping as well, and the chorus of the children is very pleasing.
However the song with the kids, rain and folks-beats and violin interludes does bear a passing resemblance to the yester-year Hindi number from Dil to Pagal Hai - Koi Ladki Hai.

That sums up the review. With some aggressive promotion, this should prove to be another winner for YSR and add another deserving feather in his well-adorned hat.