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Interview : Vivek

He seemed to have gone into an exile. Now, he has come back with a bang in Anniyan. Here is an Interview with the irrepressible Vivek.
Q: There was a huge gap before the release of Anniyan?

Vivek: See, I was very much in the industry. I got a good script to play the hero in a film. I also started work in right earnest. Today’s top heroes cannot do justice to the role. Only a comedian can play the character. Unfortunately, I met with a serious accident during the filming. I was bedridden for three months. It took another three months for recuperation. So, I was away from the scene for only six months. But, it seemed like ages and there was a clamour about my career. Well, I think it speaks about my popularity.(smiles)

Q: You were quite a hit in Anniyan. Your opinion about your role in the film.

Vivek: Anniyan has confirmed my belief that the audience will always appreciate good comedy. This has made me resolve to do one step better next time.

Q: You make people laugh and forget their worries. How casual are you in real life?

Vivek: It is my profession to make people laugh. But, humor is a good thing for health. So, I take things very lightly. I do not plan or have great ambitions. That’s why I look young, don’t I?

Q: What is your contribution to the comedy track for a film?

Vivek: Writing comedy is a difficult thing. When I get a ready script with the comedy track, I stick to it fully. Where I am given the story and asked to experiment, I do not disturb the major theme and prepare a track with the right feel.

Q: What, according to you is the main lacuna in Tamil films these days?

Vivek: (clears his throat) I do not mean any ill will to youngsters; but today’s girls enter cinema with the sole aim of reaching the position of Jyothika or Trisha. They do not realize that comedy is the strong support for the success of a film. Apart from Manorama achi and Kovai Sarala, there are no comediennes. This slot is very valuable in today’s scenario. Girls with talent have a bright future.

Q: What are your views on good comedy?

Vivek: Humor is the spring from which longevity arises. It is indeed the panacea to high strung nerves. Good comedy makes people take their problems easily. For example, the bickering style of Laurel and Hardy, the silent masterpieces of Chaplin and the thinking manner of N.S.K. are gems of good comedy.

Q: Your experience of working as the hero….

Vivek: I heard the story of Solli adippen and was convinced that I could do justice to the role. It is a full-length comedy. It is indeed unfortunate that the film is facing obstacles for an early release. I would like to do more such roles. © 2004 ; For advertising contact