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Lyricist Snehan


Aug. 03, 2005

Can you tell about your family background?

I was born in a village in Tanjore district. My father is a farmer. I was the last among the eight sons in my family. Inspired by eminent poets like Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram, Kannadasan and Vairamuthu, I became interested in writing poems.

What is the difference between old songs and new songs?

Old movies were based on stories and the lyricists at that time were given ample opportunities to write a song. In present movies importance is given not to the story but to the screenplay and songs are not story descriptive. Likewise, lyricists were the masters of the song in the past but now the role of lyricists has been reduced to workers.


How did you feel when you were not given a national award for the song Avaravar Vazhkaiyil from the film Pandavarbhoomi?

I was depressed when I was not given an award for that song. Everyone praised my work and they were confident that I will be given a national award for the song. Anyway, I feel happy that Pa. Vijay has received a national award for the song Ovoru pookalumae in the film Autograph. I was the first one to congratulate him for his success. I am confident that I will receive national award for the songs in the film Raam.

Can you tell us about your first song?

Vairamuthu was inspired by my literary works and I spent five years working as an assistant to him. Then I released my literary works in two books. K.Balachandar, who was the guest of the book releasing function, asked me to write songs for movies. I got a chance from S.A.Rajkumar to compose a song in the film Putham Pudhu Poove.

Who named you as Snehan?

I, myself named me as Snehan. My parents called me by the name Sivaselvam. I was not interested in the name as such names are well-known in every street. I changed my name to Snehan which means man of love.

Can you share your experience with Vairamuthu?

I was innocent when I came to Chennai and he is the one who taught me everything. He is a very fine poet and the only poet who lives life according to a plan. Without him I would have not grown up to this level.

Which is your song that gave you the out look in Tamil film industry?

I was not talked off much when I wrote the song Avaravar Vazhkaiyil, but I was recognized as a poet only after the song kalyananthan kattikittu (Saami) hit the screen.

Can you tell us about the song Aarariraro from the film Raam?

This song is totally a different song from the earlier songs on mother. This the first time a song is composed such that a son sings a lullaby for his mother. The singer Jesudas congratulated me for the depth of words used in this song.

Which is your favorite song?

Apart from the songs composed by me, my favourite song is Naanaga naan illai thayae (Film: Thungathey thambi Thungathey). Another attracting song is Kaadhal Siragu written by Kannadasan. Avaravar Vazhkayil is my favorite song among the songs written by me. I was shocked when the song Chinna vayasula (Pandavarbhoomi) was included as a background as it did not reach the masses as I expected.

How many of your books were released?

Before entering film industry, two books, namely, Mudhal Adhyayam(First episode) and Innum penngal azhaga irrukangal were released. After two years in tamil film industry, I released two more books, Ippadium Irukkalam and Puthagam. The book Pudhagam was released by Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram’s wife. At present I am working on four other books.

Sir, thank you for giving your interview to Behindwoods. What do you want tell to the film audience?

I thank Behindwoods for giving me an opportunity to furnish my thoughts. Through this interview I feel that I was able to convey my thoughts to all the people in 163 nations. © 2004 ; For advertising contact