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Interview : Sadha

She was the vivacious girl in Jeyam. Now, she has truly arrived with Anniyan and Priyasaki. Here is an Interview with the beautiful actress who can play the village belle and the hip, city-bred girl with great aplomb.

Q: Which is your favorite amongst the movies you have worked in?

Sadha: Undoubtedly, it is Jeyam. It gave me the image of an actress who can emote well in homely, strong roles. I received great appreciation for my performance in that film.

Q: But your recent movies show you as a glamour doll. How do you defend that?

Sadha: I don’t think my roles are just for song and dance numbers alone. I played the vulnerable, soft girl in Jeyam. But, my other films show me as a modern girl. Hence, I necessarily have to use costumes to suit such persona. I take care not to cross the limits of decency. If the script demands glamour, I don’t mind.

Q: How was your experience working in Anniyan?

Sadha: Shankar is a world class technician. He is a great perfectionist. Vikram is a dedicated artiste. Working with such stalwarts was challenging and I had to raise my performance levels. I enjoyed working in Anniyan.

Q: What was the response to your song in Anniyan?

Sadha: The song, Ayyangar veetu azhage, was shot in Amsterdam, Malaysia and Tenkasi. The richness and glamour in the song were appreciated by the audience. My mother was thoroughly bowled over by it.

Q: Do you regret not being able to pursue engineering?

Sadha: I joined first year engineering and within six months got a chance to act in films. I am now a growing actress and I have great popularity. Therefore, I do not have regrets about losing out on education. You win some, you lose some.

Q: Tell us something about your family.

Sadha: I belong to Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. My father is a doctor and my mother a bank executive. I am the only child and hence a very pampered one.

Q: Popularity must have made you lose many simple privileges.

Sadha: Well, yes. I am a late riser. Now, I have to reach the shooting spot all dressed up by 8.30 a.m. I also take a quick nap after lunch, which is not possible now.

Q: What are the projects after Priyasaki?

Sadha: I gave undivided attention to Anniyan and so Priyasakhi is the only one in Tamil for now. I am acting in a Telugu film with Sidharth. There will be many more films in Tamil and Telugu by the end of the year. © 2004 ; For advertising contact